AdamsPT: Where Does Back Pain Come From?


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The team here at Adams Physical Therapy Services are a success story!




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“After my auto accident, 07/31/2018, I had back and neck pain. Some of the chores I did created pain. When my wife fell at Fishers she came here for therapy. Roy said he could help my problem. I had an MRI scan of the back. My family doctor sent me to a surgeon. He said I had 3 options and I chose therapy. The deep tissue laser therapy helped to relieve pain. The team here at Adams Physical Therapy Services are a success story. I was helped, my range of motion improved and I even lost some weight. The team here are always up to date to the newest training. ”

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Exercise Essential

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Stretches Leg QUADRUPED ALTERNATE ARM & LEG RAISE While on your hands and knees, slowly raise up an arm out in front of you. Then, slowly raise the opposite leg behind you, while keeping your back straight. Hold for 10 sec- onds. Repeat 3 times on both sides.

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Complimentary Workshop ROTATOR CUFF & SHOULDER PAIN THURS. SEPTEMBER 12 AT 6 PM KNEE PAIN Wewillnowbeofferingakneepainworkshopandwillofferopportunity forour patients to reachout tous to letusknowwhat theywant toknowaboutkneepain. Call 888-222-0130 or visit To Register SPACES FILL UP FAST!


Always consultyourphysical therapistorphysicianbefore starting exercisesyouareunsureofdoing.

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