E-Rehab - May 2019

A COMPLETE SET OF DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS With E-Rehab’s Marketing Support Service Plan IN this month’s cover, it is detailed exactly why John and David created a suite In addition to these, Marketing Support members have access to the following: • Complete SEO services to help your practice rank for “physical therapy in your city”

of tools and services to help private- practice physical therapists grow their businesses. It seems only fitting to devote a little space to explaining exactly what some of those tools are. E-Rehab’s most popular level of service is the Marketing Support tier. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect in this service. For starters, you’ll find everything that’s in the Silver and Gold packages. That includes a turnkey website with content, photos, and more; a light reputation- management system; on-page SEO; online appointment requesting; email accounts; analytics; videos; access to printed patient newsletters; social media posts; a survey system; blogging; and more. These services are essential to any business that wants to flourish in 2019.

• A professional reputation system with regular moderation to ensure your reviews are reflective of the quality care you provide

• Team-training tools that will give your staff the skills to succeed

• Advanced social media marketing based on the latest industry trends

• Training for selling and marketing to physicians, a key source of referrals

• A complete, monthly print newsletter with your personal branding for just the cost of printing and shipping

John and David are constantly adding to this list of features to ensure no stones are left unturned while providing you with the best in marketing, sales, and web services. When you sign up, you will receive all of these for up to three different locations. They also provide a free consultation to let you know how these tools will be applied to your practice and brand. It may sound like a lot, but E-Rehab is here to make it easy. That way, you can focus on what really matters: delivering outstanding care to every patient who walks through your doors.

EXTRA TRAINING FOR YOU Watch our performance management training hosted by E-Rehab with special guest Dr. Peter Kovacek





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