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A RESOURCE FOR PRIVATE PT PRACTICES Why David Straight & John Mason Created E-Rehab D uring his time as a private-practice physical therapist, Dr. David Straight experienced the changing nature of the profession firsthand. “With the rise of physician-

social media accounts. We want to provide people with great tools, of course, but also make using those tools a breeze.”

owned physical therapy services (POPTS), my practice lost half of its business,” David recalls. “I realized I had to get better at sales and marketing in a hurry if we were to survive. It was a serious learning experience, but one that made me realize that my challenges and struggles were far from unique. Private practices all over the country are dealing with the same hurdles.” The seed had been planted in David’s head. Surely practices across the country could benefit from industry-specific marketing and web-service resources. When David met John Mason, a man with over three decades of experience in the technology field, he realized the two of them could combine forces to help private practices across the country increase their reach, fill up their schedules, and provide excellent care to as many people as possible. “We realized there was a growing need for marketing materials and support for private practices,” John states. “Noticing that nobody was providing these services in a way we thought was adequate, we decided who better than us to help physical therapists spread the word about their businesses?” David and John founded E-Rehab in 2004 with an eye toward doing just that. As the tech world has evolved, so too have the services offered. “When we started this company, smartphones weren’t even a thing yet,” John says. “Change is the only constant in the tech world, and we have to constantly adapt to avoid being left behind. The idea of a ‘good website’ is a lot different in 2019 than it was 15 years ago.” E-Rehab updates its services as the industry changes, which is crucial in keeping practices one step ahead of their competition. Some things, though, have not changed since day one. “We have always been and will always be obsessive about customer service,” David says. “Nobody should have to spend hours posting blogs to their website or maniacally monitoring their

John and David believe their ultimate reward comes in the form of new patients seeking out treatment from their clients. “It’s not just about tech,” John reveals. “In many respects, what’s old is new again. We will use every tool at our disposal, whether that tool was invented yesterday or centuries ago. Our ultimate goal is to help connect those in need of treatment with people who can provide it for them.” “WHEN DAVID MET JOHN MASON, A MAN WITH OVER THREE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE IN THE TECHNOLOGY FIELD, HE REALIZED THE TWO OF THEM COULD This newsletter is just one example of old becoming new again. John and David want to share resources, tips, and lessons to help you be a better practice owner. They hope you find it instructive, inspiring, and enjoyable. Over the coming months, this newsletter will cover specific issues common to all private-practice physical therapists, sharing more about John, David, and their company, and detail services that can take your practice to the next level. COMBINE FORCES TO HELP PRIVATE PRACTICES ACROSS THE COUNTRY INCREASE THEIR REACH, FILL UP THEIR SCHEDULES, AND PROVIDE EXCELLENT CARE TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.”

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