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Getting To Know The Orthosports PT Staff MARY KEIFMAN, PERSONAL TRAINER

Mrs. Mary Keifman has been a Certified Personal Trainer with AFAA since 2006. She has experience working with all fitness levels and age groups. Mary takes pride in helping clients live up to and exceed their potential. She believes with the right motivation and dedication you can achieve a rewarding fitness level at any age. GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF FITNESS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!

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Health & Wellness The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body HOW TO OVERCOME BACK PAIN “Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?”


• How Barry Overcame Male Breast Cancer • Theme Of The Month • Underwater Treadmill System • Patient Success Spotlight

Is back pain causing you to move a little slower and more cautiously? If left untreated, chronic back pain can lead to long-term spinal joint and possibly nerve damage. Back pain is one of the most common physical complaints that people suffer fromandmore than80%of theUSpopulation will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Back pain can interfere with your ability to bend, kneel, lift, reach, do work and enjoy time with your family. Not to mention, it can make you down right irritable and affect others around you. Why Do I Have Back Pain? Back pain occurs for a number of reasons, but has a few simple root causes: • Weakness in the spinal and core muscles of the trunk • Poor posture and strain on the spine from slouched sitting • Repetitive injury to muscles and tissues around the spine with poor lifting of the spine, hips and muscles of the thighs

• Poor coordination of the abdominal, pelvic and back muscles Most people don’t seek treatment soon enough and continue to suffer with a nagging ache or pain in their back.They may even feel symptoms travel to the buttocks and legs. Many people feel that not muchcanbedone forbackpainandusemedication to numb the pain to get through the day. However, medicationmostlymasks thepainanddoesnothing to address the root cause of the problem. Solutions to Back Pain Treating back pain starts with determining the true cause. A thorough evaluation of your movement, strength, posture and joint mobility can tell a lot about the true origins of your pain. Only then, can the proper plan be formulated to get you out of pain quickly and back to the activities you love. Whether you just tweaked your back or have been suffering for a long time, seeing one of our spine specialists can help you return to a more active and pain-free life.

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HOWBARRY OVERCAMEMALE BREAST CANCER My lab tests and scans are clear!

“I tooam the luckyone-out-of2,400expectedcasesannually in theUSofmalebreast cancer. It took me a long time to accept those words. Over a year past diagnosis and six months past treatment, it still sounds a little weird. Well, I’m now preparing to shout from the rooftops that, ‘Breast cancer is an equal opportunity disease!’ I was diagnosed at age 69. Having recently retired, I finally had enough free time to justifymy joining theYMCA.Afterdoingmycustomary laps in thepool, Iwouldusually hang by my arms from a ‘noodle’ in the deep end, to help decompress a severely damaged spine. Forseveral months I’d been noticing a lump inmy right breast where it rubbed against the noodle. Like most males, I assumed it was a fatty deposit and ignored it…until it started to ache. My wife examined it and said it felt unusual to her. OnMay 3rd, 2016, Isawmy family doctor. Hesentme fora mammogram. Ahalf hour following my sonogram , I saw the attending physician who suggested a core biopsy, which he performed an hour later. Another wait, this time for six days, until my GP called with the diagnosis, Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer, Stage 2, Grade 2. This does not happen to MEN. This cannot happen to ME! I toleratedchemotherapyprettywellwith littlenausea, though thedreadedconstipation was very much present. I was initially more affected by the steroids, which disrupted my sleep and energized me to a point of mania. I lived for two weeks in a dizzying slow-motion fog that was worrying enough for my doc to order a brain MRI. Nothing, beyond ending the treatments, worked. Well, I’m now more than a year past diagnosis and for the moment my lab tests and scans are clear!This is when the real healing begins, the return to a “new normal.” I’m on a life-time daily dose Tamoxifen. I’ve intentionally trimmed down from 220 lbs. to 188 lbs. in response to an onset of chemo-induced Type II Diabetes. I’m continuing to reduce the lymphedema — exceedingly slowly — with therapy, and I have returned to Tai-Chi classes. I’ve reduced my A1C from 6.7 to 5.7 and my LDL to 99. But there is always the niggling fear of recurrence or metastasis. All I can do is appreciate and be thankful for all that I have now and let tomorrow fend for itself. Where there is fear, there is no hope. Of the two, I enthusiastically choose the latter.” - Barry J.

Workou HALF t Time!

Above (left to right): Fran Jones, Barry Jones, and Dr. Donna Gulick, DPT, CLT presenting Barryanaward forHonoringBreastCancerAwarenessWeek2017, from theCountyofErie in the state of New York. UNDERWATER TREADMILL SYST HYDROTHERAPY & FITNESS


Turn a one hour workout into 20 minutes, with better results and less strain on joints and muscles. UNDERWATER TREADMILL SYSTEM

TREATMENT BENEFITS: • Higher outcomes with workouts in half the time as land based workouts • Effective exercise for fitness, training & conditioning •Adjustablewaterdepths forcontrolledweight- bearing exercises with less impact & stress on joints

• Adjustable treadmill speeds allow for more rigorous workouts • Larger tank and doorway makes it ideal for athletes & bariatric patients • Provides resistance throughout the range of motion with 360° of resistance for all movements, providing a closed chain, hydrokinetic exercise

Hudson Aquatic Systems developed AquaFit and AquaFit Plus for multiple industries and home use. The exercise chamber gives additional privacy, and the larger track and adjustable touchscreen allow for customizable fitness needs.The AquaFit and AquaFit Plus are exceptional tools that utilize the benefits of exercising in water offering lower impact with higher outcomes in half the time of land based workouts. Schedule an appointment with us today to reach the goals you desire in little time!


Patient Success Spotlight


The pressure and pain had almost relieved itself 100%!

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“When I came in I was having neck and back issues. I was having facial tingling and pressure in my head. It had been taking a real toll on my life and making day-to-day activities stressful. After a few weeks of treatment and exercises, the pressure and pain had almost relieved itself 100%. For the first time in years I went a week without symptoms. I never realized how much of my personal life was affected by this. The staff was professional, friendly and informative. I had great results and was given advice on how to maintain my back and avoid injury in the future.” - Paul R. FOLLOW & REVIEW US! M ELLNESS SUPPORTED BRIDGE Lie on your back with knees bent and feet hip distance apart. Place the heels of your feet close enough so they can be touchd by your finger tips. Inhale and lift the hips, place a block under the sacrum. Keep the chest open. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times. Strengthens Low Back www.simpleset.net Relieve Back Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.





An insurance deductible is the amount of money that you must pay before your insurance company pays for your medical services. If your deductible is met, your PhysicalTherapymaynotcostyouanything.Patientswith familyplansor thosewho have had major surgeries or have a chronic illness are especially likely to have a $0 balanceremainingontheirout-of-pocketexpenses.ThismeansthatthecostofPhysical Therapy could be minimal or completely covered by the patient’s insurance plan. If you are close to or have met your insurance deductible for the year, then now is the time to come in for Physical Therapy! Are you feeling aches and pains? Need to work on your core? Let us help you get a head start for 2018. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.




The Entire Day On December 5th We’re In The Holiday Spirit! A Day Of Free Exams Who’s Eligible? • All past clients who have not been seen in PT in more than 2 months. • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated. • All loved ones, family, or friends of our past and present patients. • Any stubborn spouses who have been complaining of back pain especially. These exams are ideal for people suffering with pain from:

We want to celebrate the holidays by thanking our current and past patients and their friends and family. We are providing a day of FREE EXAMS at our Amherst clinic! Thefreeexamconsistsofa30minone-on-oneappointment with the physical therapist of your choice. They will listen to you about your problem and how it impacts you. They will take measurements to test how well you are moving and test your strength. After your exam, they will give you a written copy of:

• The cause of your problem • A plan for what successful treatment looks like

• Low Back • Neck • Arthritis • Sciatica

• Hip • Shoulder • Elbow • Hand/Wrist

• Knee • Foot/Ankle

Appointments are free but limited; each therapist has 7 spots available. Don’t delay, register today by calling 716-839-3750

If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods, going up or down stairs, getting in or out of the car, sleeping or driving then you should schedule your exam now.

If you are a past or present patient or if you are referring a friend or family member (or the stubborn spouse above)… give them this Newsletter Insert and tell them to call us to schedule their free exam.

AMHERST 3970 Harlem Rd Amherst, NY 14226 P : (716) 839-3705 F : (716) 839-2347 www.orthosportspt.com

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Do you or someone you know have back or neck pain? As a current or past patient you have access to this valuable information, at your fingertips. Start feeling better today in the privacy of your own home. Go to www.spinebook.net/orthosportspt for your free download. This is the easiest way to get this information to our patients. Download and share with friends and family today!

DOWNLOAD AT: www.spinebook.net/orthosportspt

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