Hot|Cool NO.3/2016 - "Cooperation in the energy sector"


The City of Bridgeport is an example of this. The city is located 100 km/65 miles northeast of New York City on the New York-Boston corridor. Bridgeport is a perfect model for low-temperature district heating with its 150,000 inhabitants and available surplus heat. A traditional steam system would never be feasible, but the hot water system with Scandinavian solutions is. Connecticut developer NuPower Thermal LLC is developing the district heating system and is cooperating with the Danish Clean Consortium (DCC) – the consortium established specificly for the Bridgeport project. NuPower was inspired by the Copenhagen model and Scandinavian efficiency and wanted similar solutions to create a low-temperature heating and cooling system. NuPower is a relatively small company and it is important for this company to have only one contract for the entire project. This will minimize NuPower’s risk and ensure a better basis for future investors. The project has been approved as a sustainable energy solution and thus shares can be sold to investors as “green bonds”. Such green bonds are in general very attractive for investors which is very positive for the project. Technically, the Bridgeport project is to use existing surplus heat from a fuel cell plant owned by the utility company and a local waste incineration plant. The use of waste heat is maximized by designing a low-temperature district energy system as the Scandinavian model. Of course, the Scandinavian model needs an American flavor, and the Danish Clean Consortium is elaborating solutions to fit local requirements. The district energy system in Bridgeport will replace heat from natural gas / shale gas, and reductions in emissions are significant. There will be a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, amounting to 9,500 tons of CO2 a year. The package for Nupower offered by the DCC consists of designing the conceptual phase, developing the project together with the customer, identifying the right technical providers, secure co-financing both for the feasibility study and also for the implementation of the project. Bridgeport is not the only US city in focus for Clean Solution. CHP (combined heat and power) currently makes up about 8 percent of the total electricity generating capacity of the U.S. The present installed capacity of CHP in the U.S. is about 82 GW, and the Obama administration has set an official goal of 40 GW of additional CHP capacity by 2020. This will include a significant number of district energy systems. Additionally, as the U.S. EPA establishes new rules to reduce CO2 from power plants, CHP including district energy systems has been identified as a critical tool to reduce CO2 cost-effectively. A dream team More than 10 Scandinavian companies are cooperating in order to deliver the total solution for the client in Bridgeport. Most of the companies are members of the two organizations CLEAN and DBDH.

CLEAN is a cluster organization, which facilitates partnerships and drives projects within the cleantech area. In cooperation with DBDH, the leading Danish district energy export organization, these two organizations support and facilitate solution-based projects with the district energy sector. The member companies are the best and most experienced from the district energy sector in Denmark. This makes it possible to create a dream team of companies suited for projects in the area of district energy and cooling - a team that will not only co-finance the initial concept phase, but a team that will be onboard until the system is in operation. The combination of a total system solution package and the world leading expertise among the companies makes one stop shopping for the client more simple and convenient. The Danish project in Bridgeport is led by ABB and Logstor but also comprises the companies Alfa Laval, Kamstrup, Desmi, Broen, OE3I, and F.W. Rørteknik A/S. The consortium is able to deliver all needed equipment for the turnkey district energy system in Bridgeport. SCC (Scandinavian Clean-tech Contractors) is led by JFE A/S, MIH VVS and Damgaard Consulting engineers - a group of companies that in cooperation with local contractors are going to build the system in Bridgeport. It is planned that SCC will be the EPC contractor working with the Danish Clean Consortium in Bridgeport.

NuPower is the project developer and investor of the district energy system in Bridgeport.

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