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Protect Your Data What every small business owner must know about protecting & preserving their

A FREE REPORT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS On How to Protect Your Network and Data

If you ask us, too many tech companies make no effort to speak in a way that connects with the audiences they’re trying to reach. Sometimes, they simply don’t realize they’re speaking in jargon because

The report is written in non-technical English that anyone can comprehend. It highlights the bad practices that cost business owners thousands in lost sales, lowered productivity, and computer repair bills. It also provides you with an easy, proven way to reduce or completely eliminate the financial expense and frustration caused by these oversights. As a business owner, you don’t need to understand the nitty-gritty details of network security. But you do need to realize how essential a functioning, well-protected network is for the health and sustainability of your business. It only takes one data breach to send most small businesses tumbling down a hill they will never be able to climb back up. Proactive, comprehensive IT services will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a company that cares about you monitoring your network 24/7. In a world where tech is so essential to the everyday workings of business, every leader could stand to know a little more about cybersecurity. Visit today to download your FREE copy of our report.

company’s critical data & computer systems!

they use technical terms all the time. In more nefarious cases, the alienating of listeners is intentional. When you can’t even wrap your head around what a service provider is talking about, it’s easy to be sold services without understanding what you’re paying for. AZCOMP believes in the opposite approach. We want our clients to understand their networks and believe in the value of protecting them. That’s why we’ve written a FREE report designed to educate business owners on the risks of poor network maintenance and data protection, and provide them with tips on how to avoid common mistakes. It’s called “What Every Small Business Owner Must Know About Protecting and Preserving Their Company’s Critical Data and Computer Systems,” and we’d love to send you a copy today. SPOTLIGHT ON DESERT SAGE MEDICINE Desert Sage Medicine, located in Oro Valley, offers patients concierge primary care, creating an ongoing personal relationship between doctor and patient. In a way, it’s not too different from the managed IT services we offer, which monitor the health of your network 24/7. AN INNOVATIVE INDEPENDENT PRACTICE If you depend on your computer network to run your business, this is one report you DON’T want to skip! As such, it’s not hard to see why we love working with Desert Sage Medicine. But how do they feel about us? In Dr. Pamela Dowell’s own words, here is how Desert Sage describes their relationship with AZCOMP. We have been with AZCOMP since mid-2015 for Medisoft and EHR support. Late in 2017, we got going on their Managed IT Services plan, and now we use their VoIP phone system too. Our previous IT people weren’t a good fit for us. They didn’t know anything about EHR, and they were more geared toward dealing with much bigger companies. With AZCOMP, we have a one-stop shop that is perfectly suited for us, and I’m just ecstatic about it. AZCOMP is always available for us. They are just really good and work so hard to keep everything working great. They know and understand our needs, and it has just simplified everything for me and my staff.


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Thank you for the kind words, Dr. Dowell. We’re thrilled to work with you and all of our wonderful clients.

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