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Business Lessons From a Shark PAGE 1 Get Our Free Cyber-Protection Report PAGE 2 Spotlight on Desert Sage Medicine PAGE 2 Material Kitchen’s Radical Approach PAGE 3 The Best Temperature-Controlled Mugs PAGE 3 AZCOMP Leadership Library: ‘The Coaching Habit’ PAGE 3 Improvement Never Stops PAGE 4 Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” I think this quote resonates so much with me because it gets at the same message as one of AZCOMP’s core values: We Surf Jaws. To us, that value is all about finding ways to innovate and improve, whether at work or outside of it. It informs every aspect of our approach and reminds us that complacency is the enemy. On a recent trip to All Things Metal, one of our managed services clients, I had the chance to speak with the company’s CEO, Timothy Rock. We were there to discuss a few aspects of his business, but I couldn’t help notice the well-stocked bookshelf behind his desk. I mentioned to him that I’d read and enjoyed many of the titles on display. Instantly, Tim’s face lit up. It was clear these books weren’t just behind his desk for show; he’d read them carefully and absorbed lessons from each.


excited about. The books — “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick Lencioni and “Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!” by Greg Crabtree — were both hugely important to Tim. He told me how he applied the concepts from the books to make himself a better leader and CEO. I was so impressed with Tim’s drive for constant learning. A lot of CEOs suffer from thinking that because they’re the boss, they’ve got nothing to learn. Tim is just the opposite. He realizes that improving his business starts with improving himself. I walked away from my visit completely inspired, and I think Ben Franklin himself would be proud of Tim’s approach. Personal growth doesn’t have to come in the form of business books. What’s important is finding a way to follow Tim’s example of innovating and improving what works for you. So, I ask you, how will you surf Jaws in 2019?

Moments later, Tim reached into his desk and pulled out two books he had finished recently and was

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