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ORPS Family Motor Coach Association, Life is Better With Friends, Especially our ORPS FMCA Friends

President - Terrence Fitzpatrick 559 - 681 - 4460 Lot 782 Vice President - Kris Olsen - 971 - 237 - 5112 Lot 555 Secretary, Newsletter - Ken Hearn - 610 - 573 - 3747 Treasurer - Vicki Hilmer - 253 - 312 - 0193 Lot 1082 FMCA National Director - Marlene Hinson 209 - 298 - 9486 Lot 709

Welcome our new family : Clifford & Patricia Mensch, from Del Mar CA March 2022 Highlights of our Rally, General Business Meeting Meet our new 2022 - 2023 season chapter board members and just some of the Chapter Past Presidents.

Please direct comments or questions to: Ken Hearn Lot 835 kenhearn59@gmail.com

Our Canadian residences are eligible to join the FMCA. You do not have to own a motorhome to join FMCA; all class of RV ’ s are welcome as well as commercial businesses that support the RV world. You will find local chapter membership applications in both Clubhouses in our wall displays. Membership in the National FMCA is required for membership in our local chapter FMCA ORPS. Please sign up first at www.fmca.com to get your national FMCA ID number. (Local $25.00 dues & a $10 badge for each new person)

Ken Hearn Fmca Secretary

(L - R) Jeff Buchman, Ron Langdon, Tom Ryan, Vern Chastain, Suzanne Strauss all Past Chapter Presidents, Terrence Fitzpatrick current Chapter President, Marlene Hinson - current National FMCA Director, Bob Moore - Past Chapter President, Ken Hearn - current Chapter Secretary, Kris Olsen - current Chapter Vice President, Vicki Hilmer - Chapter Treasurer and Charlie Koch Past Chapter President



APRIL 2022

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