April 2022 Oracle

wanders the maze of music equipment in our RV and can only shake his head. Finally, thank you to our audiences who clapped and sang along at our events. Remember, there is room for you in The Crew. Anyone wishing to join next season and get on our email list, can contact Marilyn at marilyn.sabens@gmail.com.

What an exciting an awesome season at Orps for The Ukulele Crew. So many new players joined the group, which entertained at five resort events. There were strummers who stepped forward to sing solos or play a different instrument. The 78 member group expanded its playlist, which totals over 100 songs. All of this was a great achievement for a group that only had eight players at the resort during the height of COVID. It ’ s time to thank everyone who had a hand in making this a fun activity and the reason to leave Wednesdays and Saturdays clear on calendars. Thanks to The Crew who learned and practiced many new and challenging songs. You proved that “ Sunny Afternoon ” by The Kinks can be a ukulele song. Thanks to the players who stepped up to the mic for a solo. You ’ ve got a ❤️ to prove you are a class act. It ’ s hard to perform in front of strangers, let alone your friends. Thanks to the Lifestyle & Events Team, Sean, Krystal, Jackie, April and Ernesto. You all helped get us on the Orps calendar and ready our meeting room and stages. A huge thank you to Abigail, Orps Communication Coordinator. Your contributions to the Oracle , photos, videos and our posters were professional and priceless. You go, girl! Thank you to General Manager, Ed Vitrano for his support of resort activities. A big hug and thank you to my hubby, Dave, who



APRIL 2022

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