April 2022 Oracle

Say it ain ’ t so . . . the Season is almost at an end?!

Well, another election for Board members is now history and thank you to all the owners that took the time to send in their ballots. Congratulations are in order for your two newly elected Board members Kristen Damazio and Terry Leigh. Your officers include Kathy McCune as Vice - President, Paul Braconnier as CFO, and Kristen Damazio as Secretary. I am humbled and honored to be your President. A big thanks to Don Renoe for his past three years of service on the Board, culminating in his last year+ as President. Thanks also to Charles Leahy for his three - year term of service. Both have been valuable members and have put in many hours to help make your Resort better. I would also like to thank their wives, Louise and Carolyn respectively, for sharing and supporting their husbands during the past three years. Our Resort ’ s Strategic Plan Survey has been completed and we are eagerly awaiting the results. No matter the outcome, there will be helpful information that can guide the Board and the Resort going forward. As another wonderful season is quickly coming to an end, I wish you safe travels as many of you head back home. Know that your Board of Directors and staff will be hard at work all summer long preparing ORPS for the upcoming season. I am expecting next season to be even more exciting than this one, so enjoy your summer and see you all this fall!

Seems like just yesterday that the trickle, which started in early October and became a torrent by the end of the month and into November, was underway! While I never experienced a “ real ” season due to the pandemic, veteran staff and Owners reported not seeing such exuberance in those who returned. While we thought we were ready . . . we couldn ’ t have been! General managers of several sister RV Resorts reported the same thing to me. I learned several lessons, which I outlined in my report to the Members in attendance at the Annual Meeting. Logistics, logistics, logistics! I was really looking forward to showing off the improvements, large and small, which the team worked on for you during last season. I ’ m still proud of the dedication and work they performed and do so on a daily basis.

Now for next season . . . Here are some things for you to look for on your return.

1. The second “ half ” of the Resort will see a major improvement in the streets and curbs. Taking advantage of a bid for this year ’ s work, which addressed asphalt improvements in the area east of the La Palma Clubhouse, the Board asked that Priority 3, which improved the 1st Phase of the Resort be looked at. As a result, the rest of the community will have the same refreshed look that the back looks like now. The Board also chose to replace the 12” “ curb & gutter ” in Phase 1 & 2 with 24” drainage swales, to lessen the damage from water running out of the concrete and eroding the asphalt in the future. This is a MAJOR project which is expected to start in mid - May and may extend into July. Those who will still be in the Resort must expect some inconvenience during the improvement. 2. The goal of having a long - awaited Dog Park for your return has been set. A topographical survey has now been completed so that the architect can prepare biddable plans. Cathedral City has been contacted and is reviewing any concerns it may have regarding Engineering and first responder access and to expect permit applications. It should be ready for a grand opening when you return!

John Boudin Board President



APRIL 2022

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