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3. While it may not be high on your mind, the Gatehouse has been in need of interior refurbishment for years. Additionally, a service window is planned so that guards don ’ t have to leave the doorway to check on guest admittance. Look for that when you get back. 4. The plan is also to have plenty of new deck furniture at the La Palma pool with refurbished furniture at El Saguaro 5. Many other “ little things. ” Stay tuned. We ’ ll keep you updated with Abby Lomeli ’ s “ What ’ s Happening ” via Constant Contact. Please let her know your email address so you can stay “ In the Know. ” Her email address is alomeli@orps.com. As the exit gate indicates as you leave for home, “ Safe Travels. ” I look forward to the torrent again in October.

SAFETY AND SECURITY OVER THE SUMMER We thought we would share a few tips to help keep your rig and lot safe and secure, until we meet up again next season! LOCK IT UP! - Rig windows and fans - Rig compartments - 5 th Wheel Enclosures (doghouse) - Storage containers - Bikes / or store in your doghouse - Lawn furniture - run a steel cable through with a lock - Golf carts - consider a wheel clamp, anti - theft brake pedal lock, and / or removing a battery so it is not as easy to drive it away (store the battery in a safe place and in a safe condition) LIGHT IT UP! - Your illuminated lot number must be operative through- out the year. Turning off electricity at the meter box when the lot is unoccupied is not allowed. The Association must have access to the meter box at all times. If the meter box is locked, the key must be left with Security. It ’ s the rule (check out section 5M of the A&A Rules). USE IT UP! - Try and store your propane tanks empty and store them out of direct sunlight in a well - ventilated area CHAIN IT UP! - Chaining up across your lot – remember, only metal chains are allowed. Plastic chains or colored chains are not permitted. The chain must extend between the two posts and may only be supported in the center by a removable post. No objects may be hung on the chain. (Check out 5G of the A&A Rules). SET IT UP! - Set up an arrangement with a neighbor or contract service to check on your rig through the summer season - Ensure the Administration Office has your correct contact details in the event of an emergency CALL US UP! - Call up Security before you leave, and a Guard can conduct a lot patrol to ensure everything is properly locked before you depart. Let ’ s all do our part to keep ORPS Safe and Secure!

Ed Vitrano General Manager

Wishing everyone a safe journey home … au revoir, hasta la vista, until we meet again!

Gatehouse Direct - 760 - 770 - 0065

Sonya Buys Safety & Security Committee




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