April 2022 Oracle

The past couple of years have been different for the Planning Committee compared to other years. Gone are the days of the big projects like the Owner ’ s Lounge, the El Saguaro Pool Deck and the El Saguaro Kitchen. Last summer the Committee was called in to assist with the planning of our new Dog Park. Questionnaires from the Resort were sent out to all owners. The Committee reviewed all returned questionnaires and categorized them in order of concern and then in looking at all concerns we were able to make our recommendations to the Board of Directors. Utmost in our decision making was the Quality of Life for Owner ’ s lots backed up to this new Dog Park. The project the Board took on with the McMahon Group moved the Planning committee into a “ holding pattern ” for the last couple of years. For this year, projects the committee worked on were … Improving the lighting around both clubhouse pools and walkways. Plants/vegetation around both pools. Shade structures around both clubhouse pools and the addition of more outdoor tables, chairs, and umbrellas around both clubhouse pools. The Gate House Station Improvement is on schedule for this summer. On behalf of your Planning Committee, Debbie Smith Vice - Chair, Bob Livingston, Sheryl Nelson, Mike Scheafer, Ed Gruel, Ray Sterbens. We are pleased to serve our fellow owners here in Outdoor Resort and look forward to next season.

Permits Required. For the last time this season I will remind you that you need a Permit to perform any improvements on your Lot. NO WORK CAN START PRIOR TO A & A COMMITTEE APPROVAL OF YOUR PERMIT APPLICATION . If unpermitted work is done, Owners could be subject to fines and possibly removal of this unpermitted work. Approved Permits must be posted on your Washingtonian palm tree at the front of your Lot until the work has received a final inspection. I would encourage everyone to read the A & A Rules on the orpshoa.com website. The rules are in place for a reason and that is to keep ORPS looking like a premier RV Resort. I believe we all want ORPS to continue to be our piece of paradise. The A & A Rules can be found at http://orps.com/ wp - content/uploads/2021/12/Restatement - of - AA - Rules - with - Exhibits.pdf. You can copy and paste or type this link into your browser and access all the A & A Rules. Workload - As I have said before, your A & A Committee volunteers have a pretty hefty workload. Up to the middle of March we had approximately 325 permit applications submitted, and we approved almost 290 of those. We also finalized 206 Permits for work that had already been completed. This is in addition to attendance at twice monthly meetings and assisting Owners with numerous consultations. November appears to have been our busiest month as we approved 121 Permit Applications. Once again it was a busy season for our A & A volunteers. Thank You. So, I close out this season at ORPS with a big THANK YOU to our Committee members - Lynn Wolfe, Tim Collins, Brian Maycock, Herb Nyquist, Janet Ream and Ed Gruel. And of course, this Committee could not do all its work without the capable assistance of our Compliance Officer, Julia Miramontes. They are a dedicated bunch. Next time you see them out and about in the Resort I hope you will say a thank you to them for all they do for us. Until next season, wishing everyone a wonderful summer and we will see you next Fall.

Respectfully Submitted, Michael J Curley Planning Committee Chair

Kathy McCune, A&A Chair



APRIL 2022

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