Two centres make the Selects

development specialists. The 11-year-olds have both played hockey almost all of their lives. Cédrick’s father, Alain Guindon, jokes about his son’s slee- ping habits at a very young age when he started learning the game. “He was sleeping with his hockey gloves when he was two years old,” Alain said, chuckling, “and he would cry when we wouldn’t let himwear his helmet to bed too.” Cédrick thinks it’s funny too and doesn’t mind when his dad tells the story. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no other sport better than hockey and no position better on the team than being the centre. “But I can also play wing,” he said. “But when you’re centre, you can go everywhere on the ice, you can skatemore, you can play offense and defense.”

Those are much the same reasons while Melee likes being centre when he plays. “I’ve played everywhere, except for goalie,” he said. “The centre gets to go eve- rywhere.” And for Melee, being centre means a chance to slam the puck at the net. It is even odds whether or not the goalie will even see his shot coming. His average puck speed is 76 kilometres an hour. Both boys are guaranteed several North American matches this year with the East Selects squad. They now just need a bit of sponsorship help to ensure their places for the Italy international tournament. Anyone, whether individual, club, or business, interested in helping with spon- sorship can email and

Jonathan Melee

Success at the New Year’s Day tryouts means they both get to take part in the Se- lects Hockey program international spring training development camp andmaybe have a place on the ECS-Q bench at the World Selects Invitational in Bolzano, Italy, over the April/May tournament schedule period. Selects Hockey is an elite hockey prospect development program operated through LEGACY Global Sports, which works with the top hockey players in the 11- to 16-year age brackets in bothNorth America and Europe. Guindon andMelee, along with Jackson Parsons of Limoges, who enjoys goalten- ding duties for his team, were chosen for the Selects Hockey program following a review of their performances by an independent committee which included professional hockey coaches, league scouts, and player


Cédrick Guindon

JonathanMelee and Cédrick Guindon have the dreamopportunity of their young hoc- key lives. All they need is a little help to make that dream reality. The twoRockland athletes won the chance at being part of the East Coast Selects-Q (ECS-Q) Minor peewee hockey teamduring a NewYear’s Day tryouts event in Burlington, Vermont. They were among more than 250 players from across North America invited to the tryouts for a chance at one of the 17 openings on four separate teams. “I was excited to hear I had a chance to go to Europe to play,” said Melee during a weekend phone interview at home.

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