EVO Alpha Factsheet 18th Dec 2019 at Harvey Nichols

What People Are Saying

Here are a selec1on of unsolicited, public tes1monials from the last couple of EVO mee1ngs, published by Visi1ng Guests and Members alike. “Good networking events are oBen hard to come by but today I had a very great experience at the EVO breakfast networking event. It was the first $me I walked away from a networking event thinking how successful it was and how extremely well put together. Great new contacts made!" EVO Guest - Leanne Kesterton , Sales Manager at Tracy Park Golf and Country Hotel “Great start to the day Jamie, MaP & team - thank you! Real buzz & energy in the room and people doing business” EVO Guest - James Durie, Chief Execu1ve - Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Ini1a1ve & Execu1ve Director - Business West at Business West “High end loca$on, high end opportunity, high end colleagues … absolutely premium quality networking … Jamie Breese does it again … and being very scep$cal about joining networking groups becoming a founder member of EVO Alpha was a very clear yes!” EVO Guest - Halina Jaroszewska, Execu1ve Coach “Absolutely the best networking around at the moment. 40+ in the room, loads of visitors - and at a $me when a lot of other groups have less and during 1st week of school holidays. Why wouldn't you aPend?” EVO Member - Nigel Peeck, Director at N3 Display Graphics “It was a great launch. Such a buzz in the room, and everyone is so friendly. Thank you.” EVO Member - Helen Hart, Publishing Director at SilverWood Books “A great morning…. With soooo many networking groups out there that run under capacity it's great to get a packed room! I've been talking about EVO to my tribe this week :)” EVO Member - Jill Chi^y, LinkedIn Expert

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