EVO Alpha Factsheet 18th Dec 2019 at Harvey Nichols

Event Factsheet: EVO Networking Breakfast

7.30-9.030am, Wednesday 18th December 2019 Harvey Nichols, Bristol Please Review This Guide

7.15am - Venue Doors Open ( doors are closed un$l 7.15am )

7.30am - Mee1ng Starts with Open Networking over Coffee & Tea

7.45am - Guests Seated to eat Breakfast

8.00am - Welcome from Group Leader, Sunjay Singh

8.05am - 45 Second Intro Rounds with each Member/Guest

8.45am - Comfort Break/ Set-Up 1-to-1s

8.50am - Guest Presenta^on from Danny Gosling

9.05am - 1-to-1s Round 1

9.15am - 1-to-1s Round 2

9.25 am - EVO - why, where, what? Invite to Join

F ormal End of Mee1ng and Open Networking

Guest Speaker: Danny Gosling

Selling without the hard-sell: the art and science of Pre-suasion. Are you a business introvert? Geang clients is easy, if you enjoy selling. But it can be a nightmare if you hate the thought of coming across like a slick salesman. Yet without clients, you don’t have a business. So, how can you find a steady stream of new clients who are ready and willing to do business with you, if you don’t like to be the pushy, aggressive sales type? In this talk I’ll show you how to bring new clients to your door who are eager and ready to buy. They come to you pre-sold, or ‘pre- suaded’ as we like to say at Thinkography. Forget rejec^on, forget being salesy, forget persuasion – think pre- suasion.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our EVO Group mee^ng. This mee^ng is held at The Restaurant in Harvey Nichols.

Please Bring:

business cards (ideally 25+)

- - -

a notebook

Please be sure to read this important 7- page Factsheet.

prep a 45 second intro about yourself

Your Group Leader today is Sunjay Singh

** Arrival Time - PLEASE NOTE

PLEASE NOTE - the venue doors open at 7.15am - please be sure to ^me your arrival accordingly. You can wait in the Drawing Room/Bar Area un^l then.

When You Arrive

Visi1ng Guests: On arrival you will be greeted by our Guest Host, your name checked-off on a list and you’ll be given your namebadge . You’ll also be given 2 x 1-1 Mee1ng Cards . One is marked ‘ Mee$ng 1 ’ and the other, ‘ Mee$ng 2 ’. Please be sure to swap these Cards with 2 people in ^me for your 1-1 mee^ngs. You also will be asked to place your mobile on silent and invited to network un^l over a drink un^l we start - when you’ll be seated ready for a formal welcome.


Parking is nearby at either the NCP at the Marrioi or at Cabot Circus car park.



Address: Side Entrance to Harvey Nichols, 27 Philadelphia Street | Quakers Friars | Bristol BS1 3BZ

What People Are Saying

Here are a selec1on of unsolicited, public tes1monials from the last couple of EVO mee1ngs, published by Visi1ng Guests and Members alike. “Good networking events are oBen hard to come by but today I had a very great experience at the EVO breakfast networking event. It was the first $me I walked away from a networking event thinking how successful it was and how extremely well put together. Great new contacts made!" EVO Guest - Leanne Kesterton , Sales Manager at Tracy Park Golf and Country Hotel “Great start to the day Jamie, MaP & team - thank you! Real buzz & energy in the room and people doing business” EVO Guest - James Durie, Chief Execu1ve - Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Ini1a1ve & Execu1ve Director - Business West at Business West “High end loca$on, high end opportunity, high end colleagues … absolutely premium quality networking … Jamie Breese does it again … and being very scep$cal about joining networking groups becoming a founder member of EVO Alpha was a very clear yes!” EVO Guest - Halina Jaroszewska, Execu1ve Coach “Absolutely the best networking around at the moment. 40+ in the room, loads of visitors - and at a $me when a lot of other groups have less and during 1st week of school holidays. Why wouldn't you aPend?” EVO Member - Nigel Peeck, Director at N3 Display Graphics “It was a great launch. Such a buzz in the room, and everyone is so friendly. Thank you.” EVO Member - Helen Hart, Publishing Director at SilverWood Books “A great morning…. With soooo many networking groups out there that run under capacity it's great to get a packed room! I've been talking about EVO to my tribe this week :)” EVO Member - Jill Chi^y, LinkedIn Expert

Does EVO ‘ Work’?

• Studied at UWE • Currently appearing worldwide to 2.9 billion on Discovery Channel • 8 Years of Business Events • BBC2’s ‘The Life Laundry’ & ‘The Antiques Show’ (with Fiona Bruce) ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ & ‘Everything Must Go!’ • Hundreds of magazine articles & two books £100,000 in one phone call Chloe Wheeler, Spider Group £50,000+ over the last year Adam Buckland, REED More than a10x return on his investment Sunjay Singh, LifeMedia UK


• Studied at UWE • Currently appearing worldwide to 2.9 billion on Discovery Channel • 8 Years of Business Events • BBC2’s ‘The Life Laundry’ & ‘The Antiques Show’ (with Fiona Bruce) ITV1’s ‘This Morning’ & ‘Everything Must Go!’ • Hundreds of magazine articles & two books One-time £100/150 joining fee Minimum 6-months. Prices ex vat. £199 per quarter

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