Love of the Game Auctions Spring 2023 Premier Auction


44. Signed 1958 Topps #150 Mickey Mantle (HOF) - PSA/DNA AUTHENTIC

46. 1962 Topps #10 Roberto Clemente (HOF) - PSA NM-MT 8

Signed cards of Mickey Mantle have become highly sought- after, as vintage collectors have come to understand the relative scarcity of autographed cards. For many years, collectors felt that autographed cards were verboten , as the autograph was considered a detriment to the condition of the card. As collectors began to understand the relative scarcity of signed vintage cards, their values increased exponentially - with Mickey Mantle leading the way. Presented here is a collector- grade 1958 Topps Mantle, signed in bold, black Sharpie near the bottom of the card. The signature is clear and legible, with some white in






Clemente’s condition- sensitive 1962 Topps issue. Exhibiting virtually none of the condition flaws typical of the issue, the image quality is clear and strong, the corners and edges sharp, the surface clean. Ever so slightly low on the canvas, the card is one of the finer examples we have seen at this grade level. MINIMUM BID: $750

47. Sharp 1968 Topps #280 Mickey Mantle (HOF) - PSA NM- MT 8

the lines where the ink was not perfectly evenly distributed. Still, a dark, attractive signature on the key card in the 1958 Topps set. Authenticated and encapsulated by PSA/DNA.

Exceptionally sharp card of Mickey Mantle from the popular 1968 Topps issue, Mantle’s penultimate mainstream card. Consigned by a non collector who, with the guidance of one of the hobby’s most knowledgeable collectors, purchased a number of vintage Topps cards before the advent of grading, for investment purposes. Those cards have been


45. Beautiful 1958 Topps #52 Roberto Clemente (HOF) - PSA NM-MT 8

Simply gorgeous, high-grade 1958 Topps Roberto Clemente. Bright and colorful, the image is centered nearly perfectly, with some very light surface soiling visible, along with ever-so-lightly touched corners that still retain their original sharpness. The card was purchased by a non collector several decades ago, with the guidance of one of the great vintage hobby dealers, and then tucked away for investment purposes. We submitted the card, along with several others, to PSA, where they received their first grades just a few months prior to this auction. Outstanding image quality, a freshly-graded, high-end example of one of Roberto Clemente’s earlier cards. MINIMUM BID: $1,000

tucked away until now, submitted by us to PSA for assessment. This freshly-graded specimen is well-centered and clean, some light corner touches and a very mild tilt on the reverse keeping the card from a higher holder.



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