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How to Match Your Routine to Your Plate FINDING THE RIGHT WORKOUT FOR YOUR DIET What you eat and how your body performs are two intimately linked aspects of your overall fitness. That’s why distance runners carb-load on spaghetti before marathons and yogis skip breakfast before a 105-degree Bikram class. However, this nuance is easy to neglect in a world of fad diets and food trends that move at whiplash speed.  If you’ve jumped on the keto, vegan, or paleo bandwagons but are still slogging through the same workout routine, it’s time to take a closer look at your body’s needs and tailor your gym time accordingly. Here are a few tips for matching your diet to the optimal workout.  Keto This high-fat, low-carb diet is currently booming among athletes who relish the opportunity to chow down on pork rinds and cheese (a perk that comes at the expense of giving up chips, bread, and most fruits). Shape magazine recommends moderate- intensity workouts for people eating keto because they won’t have the ample supply of glucose the body relies on for high-intensity exercises like sprints and HIIT. On the plus side, if you go keto, you’ll burn more fat during cardio because you won’t have a store of glycogen to compete with it as an energy source. 

Labor Day was set aside by our nation’s leaders as a time to celebrate the

men and women who keep our country ticking, and, even though it doesn’t get as much love as holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, I have to say it warms my heart a bit when it comes around each year. The day never fails to remind me how grateful I am for the people I work with. They put in an incredible amount of effort to keep Chiro1Source’s doors open and our clients happy. From the beginning, Chiro1Source has been a labor of love, and thanks to our dedicated team, it has stayed that way through the years. Across the board, they come into the office ready to work hard, help our clients succeed, and have fun doing it. It’s not an overstatement to say our staff is a happy family. We were a family business from the very beginning, when my dad Cecil and I helped with packing boxes and putting catalogs together, and we continued that way after he passed the business on to me and my wife. I’m lucky enough to work with many of my family members, including my wife, Marah, and my step-mom Julie, and my mother-in-law Karen.

Vegan Plant-based diets are generally associated with slow-moving exercises like yoga, but VegNews reports that short, high-intensity workouts are actually the best option for people who don’t eat meat or dairy. Choosing quick workouts means your body won’t use up as much protein (which vegans generally consume less of), and the ample glucose in a vegan diet is ideal for powering intense workouts like sprints, stairs, body-weight lifts, and CrossFit drills.  Paleo The paleo diet is unique in that it actually comes with its own exercise plan, though many paleo eaters probably don’t know it. According to Paleo Leap, “The paleo lifestyle emphasizes natural movement (preferably outside) over machine-based exercises and brief but intense strength training workouts over extended sessions of steady-state cardio.” Above all, paleo advocates advise listening to your body and choosing a workout plan that leaves you feeling good.




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