Chiro1Source - September 2019

u to Our Wonderful Team PY LABOR DAY!

I consider Randy family, too, even if he isn’t blood related. We hold each other to the same high standard, and I’m proud to say they take pride is providing the best customer experience.

So, in the spirit of Labor Day, I want to say thank you to everyone on the Chiro1Source team. My life wouldn’t be the same without you, and I’m grateful for all that you do!

-Josh Walker


Tennis balls are an old chiropractic and physical therapy standby for addressing pressure points, but, if you’ve used them in your practice, then you know they have their downsides. It can be difficult for patients to get them off the ground, and, all too often, they escape their grasp and end up bouncing across the clinic, disrupting other patients and causing some low-key mayhem. Enter the WalBall: an easy-to-use trigger-point therapy tool that can replace tennis balls for your patients. If you’re tired of chasing after the fuzzy yellow globes, this disk-shaped, bounce-free tool is for you. The WalBall was designed specifically to alleviate pain and muscular knots, and it has been proven to decrease pain significantly after just one use. It’s perfect for treating fitness enthusiasts or athletes dealing with tightness in their backs, shoulders, or legs. Chiropractors and massage therapists who have purchased the WalBall from us are already using it in their clinics to alleviate thumb strain, and they’re selling it to patients. The Walball’s compact design makes it easy for patients to carry the tool with them when they leave the clinic, enabling them to continue their treatment wherever they’re comfortable — at home, in the office, at the gym, or even while driving or showering. We already had several clinics that have sold over 50 Walballs in a couple of months and have seen great results.

If you’d like to ditch tennis balls for good and test out the WalBall for yourself, place an order today by calling 866-318-3251 or visiting

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