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Hi there! I’m excited to introduce our first Snyder Physical Therapy newsletter! I’m looking forward to connecting with you each month and sharing more about my team and me. I figure this first edition is the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and give you a little insight into my journey to physical therapy. From an early age, I had examples all around me of what it looked like to be healthy and strong. While I was growing up, my dad and uncles and their friends were into weightlifting. I would watch in awe and admiration as they picked up weights that looked impossible to lift, much less lift several times in a row. As I got older, I got more into exercise myself and developed an interest in how the human body moves and functions. I’ve always liked helping people, and I began to think about ways I could apply these passions to a career. It wasn’t until I was a sophomore in college that it all clicked: I got injured and had to have therapy on my shoulder, and that's when I fell in love with physical therapy. I was amazed by the way it healed me, and I knew I wanted to provide the same relief and healing to others. Since then, I’ve devoted my career to helping others get rid of their pain and return to the lifestyles they love.

I’m a natural problem solver, and I find gratification in figuring out what’s causing pain and/or dysfunction, then developing a plan to get patients back on their feet and pain free. Listening is key . And that listening leads to meeting new people, getting to know them, and developing lifelong friendships, which are all bonuses to being a physical therapist. Snyder Physical Therapy wouldn’t be what it is without our amazing team, which is comprised of the best clinicians in the area. My fellow physical therapist, Jessica Lentz, and I provide physical therapy to patients with the support of our amazing physical therapy assistants, Angela Paul and Joni Stoneroad. Gail Snyder and Amanda Smith keep things running smoothly up front (and make it look easy), and Amie Hackenberg is our saintly billing specialist. From time to time, Kate Whelski also helps out as our part-time physical therapist aide. Thank goodness for this amazing crew! What sets us apart is the attention we provide to our patients, whether that’s at the front desk or on an exercise mat. Many health care companies nowadays are focused more on the bottom line rather than making patient care their priority. We pride ourselves on spending as much time as needed to provide a thorough examination and evaluation, and to follow up if

symptoms don’t resolve themselves. I love how we constantly learn new things and develop new treatment methods. We strive to be the best clinicians possible. To practice what I preach, I stay active by lifting weights, running, and hiking. If I'm in the mountains, I'm happy. I also enjoy my time with family and friends, travel, and a good show on Netflix. I’m a die-hard Penn State football and Penn State wrestling fan, so you can bet I’ll be cheering on our teams this season! I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better through the newsletter. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! P.S. Look inside for more information about our one-year anniversary and a special just for you! –Brandon Snyder

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