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Terrifying Turkey Treatment Three Famous Thanksgiving Episodes That Feature Ruined Turkeys

There’s no shortage of Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes. Viewers love to see their favorite fictional characters sit down at the dinner table and fill their plates with gravy-covered deliciousness year after year. However, in both fiction and the real world, Thanksgiving is never a perfectly jovial time. Avid fans may be reminded of their own annual experiences as they watch their favorite characters navigate the chaos of the holiday. Despite the mayhem that inevitably ensues, families are usually able to put aside their differences to share in the centerpiece of this holiday celebration: the turkey. But what happens when the turkey itself falls prey to the strife that accompanies Thanksgiving? Here are three hilarious Thanksgiving TV episodes that feature strange, wild, or downright incredible turkey-themed incidents.

places a tasseled hat and oversized sunglasses on the fowl to complete the look. Fortunately, Chandler enjoyed the sight enough to declare his love for her for the first time ever.

‘WKRP IN CINCINNATI’ This show about a fictional radio station aired a famous Thanksgiving episode that culminated in 10 unforgettable words: “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” In the episode, Carlson plans a secret Thanksgiving promo to prove his worth: dropping live turkeys from a helicopter into a shopping plaza to celebrate Thanksgiving. As the scene unfolds, a news reporter narrates, and the hellfire of turkeys plummeting from the sky prompts him to cry out, “Oh, the humanity!”

‘NEW GIRL’ In this episode, Jess asks a coworker to join her Thanksgiving celebration at the last minute, not realizing that a turkey takes several days to prepare. She’s forced to use unconventional methods to thaw out the turkey three hours before her date arrives. Jess starts by hugging the fowl to her body to melt it with her warmth. When that doesn’t work, she throws it into the dryer, explaining that she put it on permanent press.

‘FRIENDS’ According to fans, the most memorable of this show’s many hilarious

episodes aired during Season 5. In this episode, Monica attempts to cheer up Chandler by sticking her head inside an uncooked turkey. She then

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