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Tennis/Golfers Elbow & Braces at SOS Physiotherapy

SOS Physiotherapy has a variety of bracing options to help with both tennis and golfer’s elbow. The fancy term is Force Dispersement Strap! This allows the tension that the muscle creates when active to be “dispersed” or spread across the brace and surrounding muscle, rather than directly on to the injured tendon. You may vary the position and tension slightly depending on your specific condition and your pain. You can also find bracing options for the wrist and hand and even stability options for the shoulder.Talk to your physiotherapist about what different bracing options are available that may be helpful for you. Did you know? Tennis or golfer’s elbow was previously (and is sometimes still....) known as epicondylitis due to its (previously thought to be) inflammatory nature at the edge of the bone where the tendon sits. However, the injury actually comes from the mechanical weakness of the tendon causing pain and irritation. So ice it if its sore but make sure you start strengthening soon! Your physiotherapist can help you out! Workshops at SOS Physiotherapy Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop Call & Register Today! Saturday, November 17th 10:00am @ Our Belmont Clinic Location Only

The clinic renovation is all done! Come by and see our new space!

Know Your Physio

Coco Ang BSc (Kin), MSc (PT)

Say hello to Coco! Coco is a Registered Physiotherapist working at our Elmira location. She received her Masters of Physiotherapy degree from Western University and her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University.

As a clinician, Coco aims to inspire all her clients to reach their fullest potential through positivity, education, and motivation. She is committed to professional development as she aims to work towards the Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy among other post-graduate courses. During Coco’s spare time, she enjoys staying active by playing basketball and going on long hikes. She has a passion for traveling and is keen on seeing the world and trying all the great cuisine it has to offer!

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