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Whether you’re a fitness guru or a weekend warrior, everyone desires to be healthier, stronger, and more active. However, these goals can sometimes feel out of reach when pain, injuries, or failed diets impact your ability to make and maintain a lifestyle change. Don’t let these issues sideline you from achieving your goals this year. What does it take to be healthier? Health is a relative term. It means that your body is operating at a high normal range in all the different systems including circulation, breathing, digestion, and more. It doesn’t mean you have to look like a super model. Anything you can do to help your body achieve more of an ideal state is a step towards a healthier you. If you’re feeling tired, achy, out of shape, or just generally unwell, taking small steps to improve your health every day might make all the difference. Strength and flexibility There are approximately 642 skeletal muscles in the body. This means that your strength and flexibility play an important role in your health. Your muscles not only help you move, but they support your circulatory and breathing systems. A stronger and more flexible you means a healthier you. Relieving joint or muscle pain through guided exercise can get you out of pain so you can improve your range of motion. If chronic pain affects you, schedule a consultation with our team to see if any of our services might work for you.

Make Healthier Food Choices In today’s world, eating well can be hard. Food labels are filled with words that are hard to pronounce, fast food restaurants are on every corner, and busy schedules don’t always lead to the best snacking habits. Take time this year to educate yourself on proper nutrition. Learn how to spot the dangerous things hiding in your food, like hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, artificial flavors, and additives. These things can lead to weight gain, decreased energy levels, and a weakened immune system, among other problems. What you eat fuels your body – make sure you’re fueling it well. Aches, pains, and injuries All of these contribute to an unhealthier you. Pain increases inflammation in the body and increases stress. This affects your endocrine system, which regulates the hormones in your body and controls almost everything. Most muscle and joint pains can easily be treated by our specialized physical therapists. Our experts have the right knowledge and the time to listen, evaluate and guide you towards a pain-free, healthier lifestyle.



1. Take care of aches and pains. Pain is never normal – it’s a sign that something is wrong. Ignoring pain can make the problem worse and harder to fix. Don’t let these long-term problems linger – schedule an evaluation with our team and get back to life without pain. 2. Limit your sitting. Today’s lifestyles are more sedentary than ever. Between long commutes, desk jobs, and decreased activity, sitting can wreak havoc on your lower back and joints. Make a concerted effort to get up and get some steps in every 30-60 minutes to keep your blood flowing and your joints moving. 3. Get out and move. Regular exercise is one of the best indicators of good health. Even just taking a walk every morning or after dinner can work wonders for your cardiovascular system. 4. Eat smarter. Eat food rich in vitamins to ensure you’re giving your body the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Strive for sensible portions and fill up on low calorie, nutrient dense foods like vegetables.

5. Drink more water. Water keeps your cells hydrated so your body and all its systems can function at an optimal level. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day – especially if you drink coffee, which dehydrates you. 6. Breathe! Work on your deep breathing to increase oxygen intake and get your lymphatic systemmoving. Not only does it help your body function, it also is beneficial for your mind. Consider guided breathing exercises or meditation to center yourself. 7. Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours per night. It is best to get into a routine so you can go to bed and wake up on a regular cycle – it’ll program your body’s circadian rhythm and you’ll wake up more rested.


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Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up: • Move without pain • Bend and move freely • Balance confidently and securely • Walk for long distances • Live an active and healthy lifestyle TAKE CARE OF YOUR ACHES & PAINS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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Health & Wellness Tips

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You Don’t Have to Live With Pain


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Look at your answers to this checklist then make the decision to get help today. Call Agility Physical Therapy & Sports Performance!



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Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to help keep you moving...

Helps With Balance


Stand “tall”, with sturdy step stool positioned in front. Step one foot at a time onto the stool. Alternate legs and repeat 8 times.

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They really care about you... “I absolutely love Agility. I am a college volleyball player that comes home during the summer, and the Core-Fit classes I take help me stay in shape before I go back for season. The atmosphere is amazing and the people that work there are so awesome. Alicia and Anne put a ton of effort into the workouts and give you so much energy while you are there. They really care about you as someone who is trying to get more fit but they are also interested in how you are as a person. It’s like being part of a really big family. I have so much fun working out there and love being pushed by them.” - Autumn D.

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