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Looking back on 2022, we celebrate some amazing achievements.

PresidenTalks Lessons for the Ages: Advice from our Parents

At the turn of the new year, social media was flooded with statements around learnings and reflections from 2022 and goals for 2023. I love this time of year as I think there is so much positivity in self-reflection. The new year is truly a showcase of how learning, inspiration and visionary ideas can come from anyone or anywhere. Whether it is training on a new complex procedure at work or learning of something new to try by simply overhearing a coffee order at Dunkin’, learning is everywhere! These reflections prompted me to think back to a favorite moment during the first in-person board meeting of the 2022-2023 CHART board. Since it was our first live meeting, we did what any new team does – spent time getting to know each other. We were fortunate to have People & Performance Strategies’ Joleen Goronkin lead us through a few hours of conversation. During our discussion, she asked us to share the answer to what seemed like a simple question:

Rachel Richal and her mom, Lori

“What is a piece of advice you got from your parents or grandparents that you want to make sure and pass on?”

I was fascinated by the conversation. The answers weren’t complicated lessons – almost too simple – yet important. While we all spoke to lessons we were taught from 20, 30, 40 years ago, they all felt so relevant to who we are, and the goals we have today. Similar themes came through that highlighted the DNA of a trainer – drive, diligence, courageousness, thoughtfulness, and a genuine interest in the success of others. Here is a glimpse into the advice we will all pass on: “Stand up for what you believe in.” “Show compassion.” “Work hard and push yourself to do bigger things.” “The whole world is barely hanging on, so give everyone the benefit of the doubt.” “Be careful when you give advice, so you do not sway someone to not do something they want to do.” “Never depend on anyone to take care of you. Take care of yourself, but once you are at that point, take care of others.” “Work hard to pay back those who worked hard for you, and work hard for your passion.” “There is always something bigger and better – comparison is the thief of joy.” “Don’t be afraid to speak up and use your voice.” “Always focus on the details – they matter.”

It’s amazing how simple lessons we learn growing up can translate so well into our professional lives today. And, as the industry that gives most people their first job, we, as trainers, get to continue teaching life lessons that can translate so well into people’s professional and personal lives. Now, that’s something to add to your resume!

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