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Like a stunning piece of multicolored Chihuly glass art, our conference team comes together to make a beautiful combination. To get to know them better, we asked them: “ What’s the one artistic/creative thing about you people don’t know and may be surprised to hear?” Getting to Know Your Seattle Conference Team

Winona Bullis , Director of Field Training, Focus Brands FACILITIES CO-DIRECTOR

“My entire family is extremely musical, and I grew up singing and playing the piano with my family from a young age. In fact, for my wedding, instead of doing a father/daughter dance, we did a father/daughter song, and I sang and played piano while my dad played his saxophone!”

James Lee , Manager of Multimedia Design, Del Taco “I used to play the flute and piccolo!” VOLUNTEER CO-DIRECTOR


Anna Mason , Director of Training, A. Ray Hospitality “I was in Alpha Psi Omega Drama Fraternity in college, and acted in both dramas and musicals.”


Angelina Sabatini , Director of Training and Development, Ford’s Garage “When it comes to being creative, I love to bake. And recently, I have gotten into learning how to create/decorate cakes. It’s been exciting to learn more, show my creative side, and share my new skills with feeding family and friends. I’ve even tried some vintage cake recipes my great grandmothers used to make.”


Lauren Grindrod , Senior Regional Leader, Flatbread Company “I love home decor and making the different spaces in my home unique and calming, while also maintaining my own individual expression!”

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