ESA Sustainability Report

Sustainable and ethical sourcing



Our member Importaco, based in Spain, has expanded its agricultural integration programme, which aims to ensure the supply of raw materials, particularly peanuts and almonds, with guarantees relating to quality and food safety and the implementation of more environmentally friendly agricultural practices aligned with regenerative agriculture principles. The company aims for 100% of its Argentinian peanuts to be responsibly sourced by 2023 and 100% of its Spanish almonds to be responsibly sourced by 2025. Together with growers, Importaco carries out rigorous risk assessment processes and closely monitors agricultural practices, such as drawing up profiles for each crop, determining the risks related to the varieties of crop used, growing techniques and the causes of crop defects. As part of the programme, the company also runs training sessions for growers and provides ad-hoc support. In total, the programme is being implemented with the help of over 340 farmers in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru and China, covering 22,593 hectares of farmland and impacting the production of 69,933 tonnes of nuts and dried fruit.

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