ESA Sustainability Report

1. Biodiversity and sustainable sourcing



Intersnack’s nuts supply chains span the entire globe and the company is committed to help improve the livelihoods of workers and farmers along the chain. With the Honest Cashew initiative, Intersnack is building a fully transparent supply chain to ensure a safe place to work, to contribute to a decent income and to prevent child labour. From harvest to processing, it takes about 5,000 man-hours to fill one container of cashews. Unfortunately, some steps in the process don’t yet take place under the safest circumstances. Intersnack therefore implemented “single roof processing” with the objective to avoid subcontracting and achieve greater transparency. It means that the main steps are now carried out under one roof, instead of being scattered across a network of smaller processing facilities. Grading cashews inhouse improves the traceability, safety for employees and food quality. Intersnack is increasingly linking with the thousands of smallholder farmers in their supply chain, and this enables the company to collaborate on agricultural practices and help farmers increase their yield and volumes, which results in more income to support their families. To date, 25% of the cashews come directly from farmer cooperatives and Intersnack is committed to extending this to cover the total volume.

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