ESA Sustainability Report

Due to the complexity of the raw material base, Griffith Foods has developed a three-tier approach to measure the sustainability and traceability status of each material. Tier one includes those materials that are sustainably certified by a third party, tier two comprises materials without third party certification but with full traceability to the farm and finally tier three, where full supply chain mapping is available as far back into the supply chain as technically possible. By measuring their ingredients in this framework, Griffith Foods can ensure their materials are sustainably sourced and as traceable as possible. Additionally, Griffith works with EcoVadis, to assess and certify all of their suppliers from an environmental, social, and ethical perspective. By 2030, Griffith Foods aims to purchase 100% of its major raw materials from fully certified sustainable sources (ensuring that their suppliers are EcoVadis gold or platinum medal certified). Additionally, the aim is for 80% of raw materials to have achieved Farm To Fork supply chain traceability.



At Griffith Foods, a global food product development company specialised in blending products such as seasonings and coatings for the savoury snacks market, Sustainability is a platform to grow business while positively impacting People, Planet and Performance. To provide regulatory guidance and a framework through which a nutritious and sustainable portfolio could be developed, Griffith launched a new pilot concept named “Made with Sustainably Sourced Ingredients”. It offers transparency about the ingredients used, where they are cultivated and how the company supports local communities. The seasonings range includes the most beloved flavours of European consumers such as Paprika & Chilli, Sea salt and Black Pepper, Sour cream & Onion (Dairy free), BBQ Rib (Vegetarian) or Cheese.

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