ESA Sustainability Report

Reducing children exposure to advertising

T he EU Pledge is a voluntary initiative by leading food and beverage companies in Europe to change food and beverage advertising to children in the European Union. By changing savoury snack food advertising to children, we aim to support parental efforts to promote healthier snacking choices and balanced lifestyles among children. As per the EU Pledge commitment, the ESA recommends that member companies do not advertise their products to children under 13 years of age on TV, print, radio, cinema and online (including social media and other online platforms and sites, including company-owned websites and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube) at all, or only products that fulfil nutrition criteria based on accepted scientific evidence and applicable national and international dietary guidelines. In 2022, ESA Pledge members agreed to stop advertising potato-based products to children under 13, irrespective of any nutrition criteria. Members also agree not to engage in any commercial communications related to savoury snack products in primary schools, except where specifically requested by or agreed with the school administration for educational purposes.

Each year, third-party organisations are commissioned to carry out independent monitoring and an independent reviewer assesses whether the monitoring was carried out with an appropriate methodology, resources and diligence. Results are published on an annual basis and are available at the EU Pledge website. Throughout the years, ESA members have continuously achieved excellent compliance with the commitments. In 2021, more than 98% of ESA pledge signatories’ TV spots were compliant, as well as 100% of company-owned websites and social media profiles.

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