ESA Sustainability Report



Building on long-lasting innovation efforts, Lorenz recently accelerated its ambition to further reduce salt content across its portfolio. In newly launched products, the objective is to reduce the salt content across the entire product range by 15% compared to 2019. In parallel, the company is also investing in new product development with new ingredients rich in fibre and protein. The “Saltletts Pausen Cracker” made with whole grain flour topped with chia, flax and sesame seeds launched in 2019 or the new lentil chips range launched in 2021 are perfect illustrations of the company’s achievements. At Lorenz, an international and interdisciplinary team from marketing, product development and quality management works closely together to develop snacks for all kinds of consumer needs. Lorenz is committed to keep the ingredients limited to what is necessary and to remove allergens from the ingredients list. Today, Lorenz’s product range already includes many vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and some low-fat products.

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