ESA Sustainability Report


WHO WE ARE The European Snacks Association (ESA) is the voice of the European savoury snack and snack nut industry. On behalf of snack producers and their suppliers - including ingredients, equipment, packaging - as well as national trade organisations, we promote the development and understanding of savoury snack products at European level.


Sector retail value 2021 €30bn Approx.

Our products are enjoyed by millions of consumers every day, at different occasions across Europe. They can be a quick energy boost when on the go, an aperitif or a meal accompaniment. Consumed in moderation they can be part of a balanced diet.

Share of the european Food and beverages market 1.5%

We cover more than 80% of the branded European savoury snacks market

Approx. 100

Direct employment 40,000 People

80% branded

Production sites across the EU

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