ESA Sustainability Report

Biodiversity and sustainable sourcing 1

ESA members strive to continuously improve their environmental sustainability and use sustainable practices to protect, promote and restore natural resources, ensuring a sustainable supply of agricultural raw materials for the manufacture of savoury snacks.

O ur industry is committed to farmers and helping them adapt to climate change and increase resiliency and productivity. Sustainable agriculture remains a major pillar of ESA members’ business strategies, often leveraging innovative agricultural practices aimed at increasing sustainable productivity while restoring biodiversity, such as: enhance the role of sustainable agricultural practices throughout the snack manufacturing chain by working in close partnership with

Savoury snacks manufacturers often have long-term relationships with farmers, for instance with potato growers, which contribute to securing a fair and stable income for farmers as well as high-quality supply for manufacturers. Fostering the economic health of farmers and local communities directly ties in with the objective of building sustainable food systems. Snack nuts manufacturers require reliable access to imports of raw materials from safe, reliable, and traceable supply chains. They spare no efforts to promote sustainable global sourcing and have developed individual and proprietary procedures related to supply practices. They promote respectful labour practices in line with human rights and international labour standards. Several members are engaged in field projects improving the livelihood of communities in Africa, Asia or Latin America, creating more transparent value chains and supporting local farmers and processors in gaining and maintaining access to the most demanding markets.

• Precision farming to optimise crop production and help restore biodiversity • Water management to improve irrigation solutions • Waste management to reduce crop/food wastage at field level • Soil management to optimise the use of fertilisers and improve soil health • Carbon sequestration to help mitigate climate change

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