Six Creative Ideas Using Power Tools

H ere are the step-by-step instructions on how to do the techniques in our Pumpkin Carving with Power To ols video. At Mr. Handyman ® , safety comes first and the same goes for using power tools at home. Wear your safety goggles, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for the tool, and make sure that power tools are only used by an adult.

4. Large pumpkins may clog the head. Simply remove gutter from drill, clean out the pumpkin flesh and start again. Even if you have to clean the head once or twice, this method is faster than cleaning with a spoon. 5. If you use a drill to make holes in your pumpkin, the gutter can also be used to clean loose bits caused by the drilling. Your pumpkin will have a clean finished look with perfect, unclogged holes.

1. Cutting off a lid with a jigsaw. To cut off the top, simply plunge the blade into the pumpkin at about a 45 degree angle. Work your way around the pumpkin until the lid is off. This technique is pretty simple and you will find that it is a lot faster than using a kitchen knife.

2. Gutting a pumpkin with a drill and gutter. 1. Purchase a pumpkin gutter. 2. Insert gutter into your drill and tighten. 3. We found that it works best if you move the spinning head in a clockwise motion.


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