3. Create circular patterns using a drill and spade bit. 1. In the video, we made two pumpkins using spade bits. 2. The first pumpkin was made using a vertical series of holes around the pumpkin. 3. Take a ruler or tape measure and mark a dot every two inches around your pumpkin at the widest part. 4. Next, turn your ruler or measuring tape 90 degrees and mark a dot every inch on both sides for each of the dots that run around the circumference. The number of dots will depend on your pumpkin. 5. Once all the holes are marked, insert a ¾” spade bit into your drill. Drill a ¾” hole in all of the dots around the widest part of your pumpkin. 6. Next, remove the ¾” spade bit and insert a ⅝” spade bit. With the ⅝” bit, you will drill holes directly above and below each ¾” hole. 7. You will continue to decrease the bit size incrementally for each hole you step away from the center, so that the largest holes run around the widest part of your pumpkin and the smallest holes are at the top and bottom of your pumpkin. 4 . Making Circular Eyes with a Drill and Coring Bit Coring bits are a great way to make perfectly circular eyes. Simply insert the coring bit into your drill, make marks on the pumpkin so that the eyes are spaced evenly. You can also use coring bits in combination with spade bits to make intriguing circular patterns.

5. Using Linoleum Cutters for Detail Work and Tracing To do fine detail work and to carve intricate designs, linoleum cutters are the perfect tool. Purchase linoleum cutters if you don’t already have them in your toolbox. The best bet for making an intricate design is to print out a pattern and then use a thumbtack or other small needle to mark the pattern onto the pumpkin. Go back and use either the blade tool, or the finest v-tip to cut out the outline of your pattern. Once the outline is marked, you can use the larger tips to remove sections of pumpkin skin. Chisel to Remove Sections of Skin Large woodworking chisels are great for removing the top layer of skin or for removing larger areas of a design. 1. Outline your design with a linoleum cutter, knife, or other tool that will remove a small section of pumpkin skin around the outside edge of your design. 2. Place the tip of the woodworking chisel underneath the skin and push away from the outside edge of your design. 6. Using a Woodworking

Pumpkin Decorating with Hardware for Toddlers Kids can be actively involved in pumpkin decorating even when they are still too young to carve with sharp knives and saws. Time 10-20 Minutes Materials • Bolts, Screws, Washers or other Hardware • Your imagination Ideas Noses - Big Bolts, Metal Pipe Straps Eyes - Washers, Bottle Caps Ears - Plastic Lids, Brackets Mouth - Screws or Nails Hair - Zip Ties, Wire Instructions 1. Pre-drill holes for kids to insert hardware. 2. There is no “right” way to do this activity - use your imagination! 3. Use of power tools should always be done by an adult.


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