PUMPKINCARVING TIPS As Featured on Fox & Friends

Pumpkin Centerpiece 1. Using a sawzall, cut off the top third of the pumpkin. It helps if one person cuts straight into the pumpkin top and a second person rotates the pumpkin. 2. Clean out the inside of the pumpkin using the pumpkin gutter (or by hand.) 3. Soak your pumpkin for two hours in a solution of one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water to slow down the decomposition of the pumpkin. 4. Spray the pumpkin with polyurethane and drop your floral arrangement into the center of the pumpkin. Alien (Googly Eyed) Pumpkin: 1. Cut a hole in the bottom of your white pumpkin (a jigsaw works great!) 2.. Clean the inside with a pumpkin gutter and cordless drill. 3. Use the cordless drill with a coring bit to cut out a perfectly round circle eye (or two!) 4. Insert a small plastic cup into eyes and add googly craft eye. 5. Trace a funky mouth shape and cut out with a drywall knife or jigsaw (use slowly!). 6. Add gourds to eyes, or drill holes for ears and add gourds as accessories! Brace Face Pumpkin: 1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin using a jigsaw. 2. Clean the inside of the pumpkin with a pumpkin gutter. 3. Draw the eyes using a pencil and cut them out using a cordless drill and coring bit. 4. Using a drywall saw or cordless drill with a spade bit, ... 5. Carve the mouth with a chisel and drywall saw and use a linoleum cutter to define the teeth. 6. Add “braces” by fastening small I-brackets or shelf brackets and a piece of wire.

W e at Mr. Handy- man, are experts at using power tools on residential and com- mercial repairs, maintenance and improvement projects. This experience helped us tame the pumpkin carving chore to save time and effort. Here are Mr. Handyman’s 2015 pumpkin projects, which will be shown on an Oct. 25, 2015 segment of Fox & Friends Weekend: The basics of pumpkin carving with power tools begins with a safety mes- sage: only adults should use power tools and safety googles are recommended. Most pumpkins need the lid and guts removed. A jigsaw, cordless drill and pumpkin gutter shave time off these essential tasks. This year’s tips were created to make you the “host with the most” and make your party perfect for adults and kids!





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