2022 Research Yield Book

Brockevelt Trials These trials were brought on due to questions of using a y drop to side-dress soybeans. Because of the immobility of phosphorus the use of Y drop was expected to be less effective than the cultivator applied trials on the Orthman research farm. An additional trial was conducted using N applied to soybeans during the late vegetative stages. A Nitrogen trial was conducted by applying 22 gpa 32% UAN, 1 gpa KTS, 1 gpa Boost, and boron on June 17, 2022. This product was applied to approximately 8 acres and compared to an untreated area next to it. Data in Figure 28, shows, an advantage of 9.4 bpa. Although N trials in soybeans have had quite variable responses in the past this data is different due to timing. Therefore, this will lead to further trials at the Orthman Research farm in the future to determine rates and repeatability. Of N applications during late vegetative stages of soybeans since most trials have concentrated on late R stage applications.

Brockevelt N Trial Applied 6-17-2022


UAN Y-drop

Moisture Yield 13.0

11.4 65.3

12.4 74.7

Difference from check


Product Cost Grain Price

$99.26 $14.48 $136.11

Revenue Change

Net Revenue




Figure 29. Data from the Brockevelt Y drop nitrogen trial.


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