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A ROUND OF A-PAWS This Amazing Pup Saves the Day — Twice!

Heroes don’t always wear capes or stand on two legs — and in a specific case with a German shepherd, this is exceptionally true! A dog noticed that one of his favorite tiny humans was in some serious danger, so he saved the day, two times! A little boy and girl enjoyed the day, tossing a ball back and forth in their backyard. When the girl overthrew the ball, it unfortunately fell into a small pond behind the boy. The girl rushed inside the house to get help, but the boy stayed outside and even ended up leaning over the edge of the pond as he tried to retrieve the ball on his own. This is when a protective German shepherd, lying nearby in the grass, saw everything and immediately sprung into action.

The dog first looked into the pond to locate the ball. Then, knowing the boy was in danger as he teetered on the edge, the dog tugged on the little boy’s vest with his teeth, pulling him backward to safety near the back patio of the home. Once the little boy was in a safe location, the dog located a pole net that had been leaning

against the house and brought it over to the pond. While his tail wagged with pride, the dog fished the ball out of the pond.

The dog then put the net down on the ground near the pond and brought the ball over to the boy, who petted him with appreciation. This German shepherd saved the day for this little boy and girl — and also saved the boy from injury and needing a dry set of clothes! What an amazing canine. He deserves a treat and a round of a-paws!

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