Lewis Maclean December 2017


Staying Warm, Cozy and Safe This Winter

you keep your furnace needs to stay clean. When dust accumulates around the furnace over time, some of that dust will be pulled in through the filter, which then reduces airflow. Schedule annual inspections for your furnace, boiler, hot water heaters and so on. When these appliances are neglected, you won’t know if there is a problem lurking behind the scenes. If the gas utility companies consistently offer rebates on inspections, they must think it’s pretty important as well. Take advantage of these rebates and keep potential problems at bay.

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Furnace filters need to be checked regularly and replaced, before they become so bad you can’t warm your home. When we go out on these “no-heat” calls, we typically replace the filter and do a complete check of the furnace, looking for other issues. Most times, we get it up and running again — sometimes, we don’t. When the filter inhibits airflow, the furnace can overheat. We’ve already replaced a few furnaces that were beyond repair because they overheated and caused other irreparable problems. If you aren’t sure how to replace your furnace filter, you can always give us a call — we’re happy to help. We want you to stay warm and cozy just as much as you do! As we settle into winter, there are a few other topics I want to touch on — things we’ve mentioned in previous newsletters. But I’d like to share again, just in case anyone missed them. It’s a good idea to vacuum and dust around your furnace and hot water tank. Just like the other rooms within your home, the space where

Check your carbon monoxide detectors. Just as you test your smoke detectors and replace their batteries every six months to a year, you should also check your CO detectors. Test them to make sure they are operational and the alarm is audible. You may even need to replace your CO detectors if they are over five years old — they are only considered safe and reliable for a period of five years. After that, they need to be recycled and replaced. Shut off and drain your outside taps. Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage and cost you a pretty penny in repairs. If possible, disconnect all hose fittings from the outside taps. Unscrew them completely and make sure they are drained. Finally, if you notice any strange, unexplainable noises or smells in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. As you rely on your heating systems this winter, you may notice things you haven’t before. It may be a loose fitting or clogged air filter. No matter the issue, it’s best to stay safe, so you can remain warm and cozy this winter.


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