2021 Annual Report - El Paso Police Department


El Paso Police Department

Internal Affairs

Code Enforcement

Lieutenant Robert Zavala, Jr.

Interim Manager Jimmy Smith

The El Paso Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is comprised of one

With COVID cases declining, the COVID Response Team became the 4/10 Response Team. The 4/10 Response Team assists with weekend and evening calls related to nuisance Code issues. The Code Enforcement Team continued assisting EPPD officers with enforcing the city’s Noise Ordinance in regards to drinking establishments. Beginning in March of this year, bars whose noise level measured at 70.1 or above were found to be in violation and issued a NOV (Notice of Violation). The NOV is equivalent to a Class C citation in that the recipient must either pay the fine or appear in court to answer to the NOV before a Municipal Court judge. Currently all Code Officers work on a varied schedule on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to ensure noise levels are within capacity and adhering to the City Ordinance. After the passing of Code Administrator Richard Adams in October of 2020, Interim Code Administrator Jimmy Smith and Interim Code Manager Amy Orona have overseen the daily operations of the Code Enforcement Bureau, ensuring that all the needs of the division are met. The Code Enforcement Bureau looks to the future. As our City grows, so does the Code Enforcement Bureau. Ten new officers were hired in December to fulfill vacancies that had been pending on all four teams. A larger Code Bureau will benefit our community with a greater strength of service in numbers.

The Code Enforcement

Bureau is made up

lieutenant, three sergeants, and 14 investigators. These men and women are responsible for the maintenance of professional police conduct and ensuring the overall integrity of the Department. Internal Affairs ensures due process is afforded to all officers of the El Paso Police Department in the discipline process. We are always looking to improve in having a well-trained section and making strides in utilizing technology to enhance all investigations. In 2021, the Force Investigations Team was created, which oversees and manages all use of force incidents involving officers. Every complaint handled by our office is given due diligence so that the facts are brought to light. This ensures we uphold and maintain the integrity of the El Paso Police Department.

of four teams that enforce the City’s Municipal Ordinances. Each team is assigned to one of the five regional command areas. The Northeast, Central, and West Side Regional Command areas are overseen by CFOS (Code Field Operations Supervisor) D. Hernandez. The Pebble Hills and Mission Valley areas are overseen by CFOS D. Soto. This year, Code Management participated in assisting with two Cross Functional Teams. In the High Priority Corridors team, Code Management assisted with identifying traffic corridors around El Paso in need of heavier enforcement in respect to the higher number of Code cases reported in those areas. Code Management also assisted with the newly passed Convenience Store Ordinance by helping to develop the Convenience Store inspection checklist, pricing for the application process and the registration application. Code Enforcement enforce the new ordinance as well as process the annual CSO inspections. The Code Enforcement COVID Response Team was created in 2020 to assist other departments and agencies with to concerns related to COVID, which continued to threaten the health and safety of our community and nation in 2021.

Complaints Reported by IA Cases Investigated by IA Cases Screened by IA Use of Force Incidents - Documented only Use of Force Incidents Investigated by IA Use of Force Incidents (Documented and Investigated) Cases Resulted in Disciplinary Action

Notice of Violations Parking Citations Total Code Cases Presentations Given Entertainment District Notice of Violations Given Total Entertainment District Inspections Conducted Cases Referred to Court Cases Referred for Clean-up to Clean El Paso

237 102 19 1,009

92 319 45,744 3 36




186 7,252



2021 Annual Report

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