The Newsletter Pro September 2018

sure the date was 100 percent accurate before I signed the agreement. It’s going to cost me a lot of money, and it is my fault. I can assure you I will do better next time. Years ago, I was chatting with a prospect, and he told me marketing never works for him. He went on and on about how all the marketing he’s even done has failed. He then asked me to sign him up for newsletters, and I told him that was a mistake. He was taken aback and asked why. I told him that if all marketing fails for him, newsletters would fail MARKETING HOW-TO CONTINUED ...

as well, because the problem wasn’t the marketing; there was something wrong with him or his business. We went back and forth, and he insisted he wanted to sign up. I told him I was altering his agreement and would note that I strongly suggested he did not sign up so that when he came back 12 months later and said it didn’t work, I could point to the agreement where I told him it wouldn’t work for him because nothing works for him.

and advised him to take a hard look at himself and his employees because they are the reason all the marketing doesn’t work. I can only imagine how much money he had wasted and lost over years because he simply wouldn’t be introspective and take ownership of all the failed marketing efforts. I know some of these may seem like common sense, but based on how often I see these mistakes, it doesn’t appear that many people commonly practice these principles. Hopefully, at a minimum, these have been good reminders, and you can avoid having any self- inflicted bad luck in the near future.

He signed up, and sure enough, 12 months later, he said it didn’t work. I showed him the agreement



Let Your Ideas Flow Creative Hub Ensures Pol ished Ads We’ve all been there, scrolling aimlessly through

nailing an effective launch without needing to be programming engineers. The interface allows you to upload ad mockups securely, where you can preview exactly how they will behave on Facebook and Instagram’s mobile apps. COLLABORATE Not only does Creative Hub let your team see an ad take shape, it allows them to do so from across zip codes. With cloud-based project folders, you can collaborate with creatives, executives, and customers across the globe. This streamlines workflows and ensures your next mobile ad ticks all

drill down into the exact format you want to use, such as looking at the best applications of vertical video. Creative Hub is a huge boon for small marketing teams with big ideas. We’ve use it for our own social media campaigns, and the amount of time and stress saved by being able to see a working mockup has been invaluable. And the best part of all? This powerful marketing tool is completely free!

our newsfeed, when something catches our eye. We know it’s an ad, but we stop and stare anyway. Maybe it’s a video making innovative use of a 360-degree camera. Maybe it’s a carousel of images telling an engaging story.

Or maybe the ad is broken.

From image text with glaring formatting faux pas to videos in the wrong aspect ratio, there’s a lot that can go wrong with mobile advertising. Having an innovative social media ad flop because of technical problems is a huge waste of time and money. Thankfully, Facebook has created a space to let you work out all the bugs before your next mobile campaign goes live: Creative Hub. EXPERIMENT At its core, Creative Hub is a space to let your (or your marketing team’s) imagination run wild. Facebook created this resource to help small- business owners go from having an idea to

the right boxes. GET INSPIRED

These tools are all well and good, but what if the creative juices just aren’t flowing? That’s where Creative Hub’s “inspiration” section comes in. This is the icing on the cake: Facebook has curated some of the best mobile ads from top brands to show off just how much the medium can do. You can even




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