FY17 4th Qtr CCPD Report_2

Attrition Report

The Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) has 1,700 authorized civil service positions by City Ordinance. In total, 239 civil service positions are authorized in the FY 2017 Crime Control and Prevention District Budget.

The table indicates the total authorized civil service positions by classification.


Authorized Staffing Levels

Assistant Chief Deputy Chief

3 5 6


Lieutenant Sergeant


173 231


Officers TOTAL

1,224 1,700

The chart below indicates projected civil service attrition over the strength authorized in the FY17 budget, position increases for Sixth Patrol Division, and two additional authorizations to increase strength in order to graduate Classes 142 and 143. The FY18 chart also assumes an additional increase to authorized strength in December to graduate Class 144, and an incremental give-back of positions through FY18 as promotions and attrition allow. The department projects giving back all temporarily increased strength by mid FY19.

CCPD Performance Report


Indicates class graduation

Note: this chart shows vacancies across all ranks. The need for temporary increases to authorized strength is not due to lack of vacancies in total, but lack of vacancies at the officer rank.

CCPD Performance Report


4th Quarter Program Report (July-September)

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