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Back pain can hinder your day-to-day activities. Left untreated, it can even lead to long-term joint, spine and nerve damage. As one of the most common physical complaints, over 80 percent of the U.S. population will suffer from it at some point in their lifetime. The pain itself can hinder your ability to reach, lean, kneel, lift or bend. It can also hinder your time spent with friends and family. Direct pain aside, minor aches and cramps associated with a back pain problem can make you irritable—ruining your good time. What Causes Back Pain? A few things cause back pain. The American Physical Therapy Association covers each of these, but the following are leading causes: • Spinalandabdominalmuscleweaknesses • Bad posture and bad sleeping positions • Spinal muscle and tissue damage • Improper lifting form • Limited hip, spine and thigh muscle flexibility • Poor abdominal, pelvic and back muscle coordination Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seek treatment when back pain arises. Before they know it, they have a big problem. They might

assume nothing—except for medication—can solve their back pain. Medication might mask the pain, but it won’t cure the problem’s root cause and can lead to adverse side effects and addiction if abused. Back Pain Solutions You’re in luck: Back pain can be cured! The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke covers a number of back pain remedies. These include the use of strength exercise, physical therapy and medication. Where medication is considered, anti- inflammatory drugs, analgesic medications and counter-irritants are the most popular. Before you can treat your back pain, however, you need to know why it started. Whether you’ve tweaked a muscle or have a deeper injury, a spine specialist can help. Back Pain Prevention A little prevention goes a long way. If you want to avoid future back pain, you can make sure you’re being good to your back. Lift Properly You pick things up constantly. Even if you’re lifting something light, make sure you’re first facing the object and standing as close as possible.Thensquatwhilekeepingyourspine

straight. Lift with your leg muscles, as this willreduce thepressureplacedonyourspine. Use Good Posture When you’re standing, imagine a string is attached to the top of your head—lifting you up. This will keep your hips, spine, shoulders andneckaligned. Ifyou’resitting,don’tslouch. Use Strength Training Your body has hundreds of muscles. These muscles protect and control your spine. By lifting weights, running and swimming, you cankeepthemstrong.Trainyourcoremuscles. In doing so, you’ll easily control quick, lifting movements. Itneverhurtstovisitaphysicaltherapist,either. Get regular check-ups, and make sure your body is in good condition. If you have a history of back injuries, pain or minor aches, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional. You deserve a pain-free life, and your back will thank you. Have back pain that just won’t go away? We want to help! Call us today at (818) 953-4444 or visit us online at Sources:• Wellness-Information/Back-Pain-Facts-and-Statistics•www. Sheets/Low-Back-Pain-Fact-Sheet

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