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Because patients are looking for alternatives to OPIATES and other pain and inflammation medications, Dr. Steven Newton. DPT,

MBA decided that it was time for him to learn more about Cannabis. In the spring of 2019, he received a Professional Certificate in Cannabis Science and Medicine from the University of Vermont. Dr. Newton is the first Physical Therapist to obtain such a distinction in a class primarily consisting of physicians, plant biologists, pharmacists and researchers. PerformaX currently sells Hawaiian Choice CBD elixirs and a topical cream (infused with organic and wild-crafted island botanicals). Dr. Newton’s goal is to create a pamphlet specifically for the out-patient physical therapy client. Until then, he’ll be sharing here. There is a lot of confusion regarding dosing, the safest and best way to administer (vapor, elixir, edible, flower), the medicinal role of CBD vs THC as well as potential interactions with other medications. Let’s calm any fear with evidence-based dialogue. Stay tuned. Want to learn more? Visit our website at PMXPT.COM.

I’vebeentreatedbyPhilipforsciatica,piriformis, and knee issues. From my first evaluation, it was obvious he is a caring, concerned and extremely knowledgeable therapist.Hegavemehis fullundivided attention, asked me pointed questions about my issues and history, and told me what treatment regimen he haddesigned thatwouldhelpmysituation.Every time I see Philip, he greets me warmly and personally, asking how Iam feeling,and thendetermines theday’ssession based on that; He listens and truly wants to help me improve. Despite the numerous patients he sees, he is always prepared, remembers what we did last, and treats me with kindness and sincerity. I have seen continuous, remarkable improvement. Philip gives me confidence and the belief that I can get better!” - W. B.

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