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JULY 2019

A FOURTH OF JULY EXTRAVAGANZA Some of My Best Days Are Spent out on the Lake

No matter who you are or where you grew up, you’re bound to have some astounding Fourth of July memories. Fortunately for me, one of my favorite Independence Day exhibitions took place just last year on Lake Powell with my family. My dad owns a cabin cruiser, so every year, we make a point to load up the family and take the boat out on the lake during the scorching summer months. Last year, we brought along my wife’s sister, brother-in-law, and their daughter, so including my family, we had eight people, and our dog Kita, eager to find a spot to camp out in the boat. While nights on the boat got a little tight, there was certainly no shortage of fun. With temperatures soaring over 112 degrees F, we cruised out on the lake in the early morning, found a warm creek bay near the southern end of the lake, flipped our life jackets upside down and pulled them up like adult diapers, and then bobbed in the cool, inviting water for hours. During the moments when we weren’t acting like human buoys, we got out the kneeboard, water skis, and tubes for the kids and pulled them behind the boat. While I always enjoy watching my boys harness their athletic water sport abilities on the skis, my favorite boat experiences are when they hop on the tube. Since the cabin cruiser has two engines, the wakes it produces are nothing short of gigantic. Just as any good dad should, I make it my own personal goal to whip my kids

across the wake as fast as I can. Sometimes, they end up launching at least 12 feet into the air. It’s now become one of our biggest summer competitions. They try to hold on; I try to buck them off. I win most of the time!

was the next best option. But by the time we dragged our tired, sun-soaked bodies back into the boat, it was past midnight, and we were all ready for sleep. Earlier this year when we were brainstorming plans for the Fourth of July adventure in 2019, my dad gave me the sad news that the boat had some problems, so it wasn’t an option for this year’s celebration. But just last month, he surprised me with a call saying he had all the repairs done. Here’s to making this year’s Fourth just as good, if not better, than last year.

After making my kids fear for their lives (kidding, of course!), I grilled up some burgers and brats right there on the boat. While our pup Kita loyally waited by the grill to see if her clumsy dad might drop a bite or two, she seemed to get even more excited to join me out on the paddleboard. Even though she is a great swimmer, we always put her into a doggy life vest because I swear that dog will play in the water until she drops. With full bellies, we drove the boat back into the marina and hopped in cars to venture to Page, AZ, which is the nearest city with an epic fireworks display. Years ago, they used to launch the fireworks right up over the dam, so everyone would guide their boats right up to the edge to watch the sparks trickle down over the water. Trying to navigate in the dark like that was rather difficult but always entertaining. It almost felt like you were playing bumper cars with the other boat drivers.

Happy Independence Day, all! I hope it’s a great one!

– Dr. Scott Lowry

Now that we’re no longer allowed to do that, we figured making the short drive to Page

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