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In today’s legal profession, it is becoming increasingly common to see that altruism and self- sacrifice in lawyers with respect to their clients is a lost art. Like so many others, I went to law school with the intent of making a difference and helping people. But after practicing at firms in New York City and Arizona, it became clear to me that the idea of helping people has turned into an idealistic sentiment more than an operating principle by which lawyers guide their practices. So many firms are driven by their bottom line, and they forget about what makes the whole systemwork: people and the need that prompted them to seek legal representation in the first place. What drewme to Alex & Saavedra is the fact that the firm holds true to a set of values above all else. They’re committed to meeting their clients’ needs and making their clients’ lives whole again, which is why I am honored to be the newest member of the team. There is something to be said for a lawyer who genuinely cares about the needs of the clients he or she represents. I am honored to be a member of a team of attorneys who prioritize justice above all else. Andrew, Freddy, Trysta, and all of our support team are people who approach every case they take with integrity and a focus for achieving the best results for their clients. And that, not personal financial gain, is the bottom line. Every one of them is committed to a client-focused philosophy that gets results and resonates deeply with what I hold fast and true as a practicing lawyer in today’s times.

My professional mission is to help slighted individuals who have been injured and their family members get their lives back together and feel whole again. My previous legal experience involved helping clients who suffered violations of their federal and state civil rights find justice. Civil rights, such as the right to life, are guaranteed by our federal and state constitutions. Our governments need to ensure these rights are protected. However, my work in this area exposedme tomany harsh realities and shortcomings of our system. This became brutally evident tome when I was working on a case involving a maximum-security prison. Many prisoners at this facility were being neglected in one way or another. Sometimes the neglect was the lack of proper medical treatment or security, which exposed them to greater risks of harm. I viewed it as my role to get themwhat they deserved. suicide. He had a history of mental illness and had made previous attempts to take his own life. While he was on suicide watch at the prison, he asphyxiated himself with a cord from a lamp that had somehowmanaged to get into his cell. When the prison guards were alerted of the situation and arrived at his cell, they were unable to help him because they had turned in their keys and their radios were not functioning. In violation of security protocol, these guards had prematurely “clocked out” of their shifts before they were supposed to, In one particular case, I worked on helping a family achieve justice for their son who had committed

so they had no means of providing my client with the necessary help to save his life. He died shortly thereafter on his cell floor. Even worse, after the suicide, the prison staff attempted to falsify their time records to shift blame and protect themselves. It was deplorable how recklessly the prison acted with regard to this client’s basic needs, and I felt committed to help the family receive justice for this tragedy. “My professional mission is to help slighted individuals who have been injured and their family members get their lives back together and feel whole again.” Alex & Saavedra’s environment resonates with me because it allows me to carry out the same philosophy of helping people who are injured and have to go up against entities who may make getting the justice they deserve frustratingly difficult. The more time I spend with my colleagues at Alex & Saavedra, the more I appreciate this new opportunity, because I realize that the attorneys here not only have the expertise and insight to take on this fight, but they also have the compassion and integrity that I so admire. I cannot imagine being part of a better team of lawyers, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to learn from them and work here. –Doriane Zwillinger

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