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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 LA CÈRÈMONIE AU CIMETIÈRE La cérémonie au cimetière Saint-Pascal- Baylon aura lieu le 11 septembre, à la messe de 15h. Veuillez noter qu’il n’y aura pas de messe à 9h le matin. UCDSB DUAL CREDIT The UCDSB announced that two new dual credit options will be made avai- lable to secondary students during the 2022-2023 school year. The Heritage Carpentry course will teach students how to build foundations, floors, walls, and roofs. The Agricultural course will teach students about plants, soil, and fertilization as it relates to the agricultu- ral sector. Successful students in these courses will receive college and high school credits. -Christopher Smith giving out tickets and making money. In the end it’s about having safer communities.” Clarence-Rockland budgets around $50,000 annually in revenue from fines handed out by the OPP. The Ontario Court of Justice in l’Original distributes fees collec- ted from infractions in Prescott-Russell and redistributes a portion of revenues to the municipalities based on their populations. Additional fines collected by OPP in Clarence- Rockland would be similarly redistributed across the counties.

During the official launch of his cam- paign for mayor of Clarence-Rockland, current Ward 4 Councillor Don Bouchard announced a proposal to set up an online form for the public to report speeding and other traffic violations around the municipality. In a speech in front of a supportive crowd of friends and family at Hammond Golf Club, Bouchard kicked off his campaign outlining the pillars of his platform which included a significant focus on safer communities, particularly for residents biking and walking on the roads. One proposal Bouchard is putting forward is to create a public facing webpage allowing residents to submit complaints about spee- ding and other traffic issues. Bouchard hopes this will identify problem areas and allow

Don Bouchard a présenté une vaste plate-forme pour sa campagne municipale, couvrant les changements fiscaux, un dôme sportif et un programme de signalement en ligne pour réduire les infractions au code de la route. - photo Joseph Coppolino


the city to make informed decisions about enforcement. This program would include engaging OPP officers to monitor identified areas, hiring them on a paid-for-duty basis. According to the OPP, the cost to the city for hiring an officer and patrol car is around $100 an hour for a minimum of four hours. The total cost to the city for an officer and car would be a minimum of $400 for four hours of monitoring. “A program like this would pay for itself,” said Bouchard, referring to revenue earned on ticketing infractions. “It’s not just about


With the 2022-2023 school year just around the corner, Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario (STEO), the consortium of operators responsible for organizing bus services for the region’s English school boards, continues to scramble to find bus dri- vers. While the Consortium de Transport Scolaire de l’Est (CTSE), responsible for the French school boards, sees little concern. 5IF45&0BOE$54&BSFSFTQPOTJCMFGPS providing transportation to approximately 40,000 students from the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) and Catholic %JTUSJDU4DIPPM#PBSEPG&BTUFSO0OUBSJP $4%#&0 BOEUIF$POTFJM4DPMBJSFEF%JT - USJDUEFM&TU0OUBSJP $4%$&0 BOE$POTFJM EFT DPMF1VCMJRVFTEFM&TUEFM0OUBSJP $&1&0 SFTQFDUJWFMZ 'PSUIJTDPNJOHTDIPPMZFBS 45&0JT predicting 30 routes without routes across UIFJSTFSWJDFBSFB)PXFWFS 45&0$IJFG Administrative Officer Janet Murray is confident contingencies in place will be able to cover the routes should they not be filled by September. i8FBSFJOUIFGPSUVJUPVTTJUVBUJPOPG having operators with spare drivers who can fill gaps,” said Murray. “Often, a lot of the staff at bus companies are licensed to be drivers. So, they have mechanics, office staff or the owners themselves who can provide coverage.” A worst-case scenario for parents, Murray said, is a driver may be required to cover more than one route, causing students to be late for school in the morning or waiting longer for a pick-up at the end of the day. 'PSUIF$54& UIFTIPSUBHFIBTCFFOGBS less of a concern. According to director of transportation Yan St. Louis, the operators they work with have been able to fill vacant positions. “At this point we have 99 per cent of our SPVUFTDPWFSFE uTBJE4U-PVJTi8FIBWF been fortunate to not experience the same shortages as others.” Concerns over the availability of bus dri- vers pre-dates the pandemic, according to



Murray. She believes the challenges facing bus drivers and operators were exacerba- ted by the conditions brought on by COVID, highlighting the demands of the job. In an effort reduce pressure on drivers and help TFSWJDFHBQT 45&0JTUBLJOHPOBNPSF active role in supporting bus operators to hire more drivers. i8FBSFBTTJTUJOHUIFNXJUISFDSVJUNFOU  retention and engagement of drivers,” said .VSSBZi8FBSFNBLJOHFGGPSUTBOEXPSLJOH with operators is ways we haven’t in the past. I want to assure parents that we are doing everything we can to offset the impact on families.” Parents need to be aware it is going to be another year when service coverage will be tight and should have a contingency for getting children to school should bus service be cancelled. “Having a Plan B in place always makes the family better those morning when service NBZOPUCFQSPWJEFE uTBJE.VSSBZi8F know it’s not ideal, but we want to be trans- parent and honest with the school boards and parents.” 'PSUIFTDIPPMZFBS UIF$54& was responsible for transporting 9,203 students, according to their annual reports, at a cost of more than $4,000,000 to the $&1&0BOE  UPUIF$4%$&0 45&0SFQPSUFEPWFS  JOBDUVBM revenue for their 2019 fiscal year, the most recent year for which their financial reporting is available. Les consortiums chargés d’organiser le transport scolaire affirment que l’année sera tendue pour le service de bus d’étudiants, s’attendant à une nouvelle année de pénurie de chauffeurs. - photo Joseph Coppolino

28 septembre 2022 16 h 30 à 17 h 30

September 28 th , 2022 4 :30 to 5:30 pm

SIÈGE SOCIAL CSEPR HEAD OFFICE 134 Main St E, Hawkesbury Ontario K6A 1A3

Vous êtes cordialement invitée.e à la 31 -ème Assemblée Générale Annuelle du Centre de Services à l'Emploi de Prescott et Russel qui aura lieu à notre siège social d'Hawkesbury.

L'ordre du jour comprend la présentation des états financiers, la nomination des vérificateurs pour la prochaine année et plus.


You are cordially invited to the Centre's 31 st Annual General Meeting that will take place at our Hawkesbury head office.

The agenda includes the presentation of Income Statements, the appointment of auditors for the next fiscal year and more.



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