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payments more affordable — and that it takes only days to do so — it can seem too good to be true. Truthfully, debt can be such a paralyzing experience, so we understand this reaction. Currently, there’s some relief from the Paycheck Protection Program and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, but those programs don’t address much of the debt that many small businesses carry. We understand the stress you’re under. When your debt payments aren’t in line with your revenue, you think about it in the shower, in the car, in the kitchen talking with your kids, in the yard playing with the dog, even in bed late at night. You probably even check your business bank balance first thing when you wake up. If this is you, we can help, even if you’ve missed payments or are in default. There are thousands of stories like this playing out in businesses today. Your lenders may be providing temporary relief, but with most states opened for business, that leniency is about to end. And with many lenders drawing payments directly from your business bank account, if you have cash flow issues, this can be a real problem. Recently, we had an opportunity to help a fire restoration business. Before the pandemic, the owner’s cash flow was good and her payments were on time. Then COVID-19 hit, and her revenue dropped significantly. Payments were still due, but they were harder to keep up with. Her debt was over $300,000, and she was repaying over $26,000 a week to her lenders

when she came to us. She desperately needed to restructure her debt.

Value Capital Funding is a family-run commercial financing firm

After only a few days of working with us, her weekly debt payments went down to $10,000. That’s a 60% reduction. Imagine what a tremendous relief this was to her. Many of the business owners we’ve helped say the next step for them would’ve been bankruptcy. Restructuring your debt is a permanent solution that stays in place until the debt is fully paid. Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t even aware that it’s an option for them, but it is, even if you don’t have great credit. So, what is “debt restructuring” exactly? It’s changing the terms of your loan agreement to reduce your payments, which allows you to keep more money in your business. It’s completely doable with the right expertise. We don’t accomplish the impossible — we only accomplish what seems impossible. Resting a bit easier doesn’t have to be too good to be true. Thank you very much for reading our very first newsletter, and from all of us at Value Capital Funding, we look forward to serving you.

with decades of experience in the field. Barry and Ferne have been

in the financial field for years, helping both mom-and-pop businesses and individuals. After a while, they started looking for a change of pace. They’d always wanted to go into business with Jeff, Barry’s brother, but with Jeff’s career as a mortgage loan originator and the couple’s diverse clientele keeping them busy, the timing never seemed right. But once it was, the three created Value Capital Funding and started seeing results right away.

Value Capital Funding specializes in business debt restructuring.

When we say we help restructure your debt to make your



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