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Exercises To Do At Home


W hen I first came to physical therapy, it was for a back injury at work. Lifting and twisting was

Strengthens Back

an issue. My therapist worked with me by showing me proper lifting methods and also showed me some very helpful exercises to help loosen my back and leg muscles and how to keep my back in the best condition possible. Now, I have incorporated better lifting habits and will continue the stretching and exercises provided.” - Steven W.

PELVIC TILT While lying on your back, use your stomach muscles to press your back into the floor. Repeat 4 times.


• MEASURES WE’RE TAKING TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY • We hope that by providing this information, you can, if needed, make a clear decision to continue or start your care with us. For all of our safety we have the following protocols in place: • Patient screening upon entry of facility: Facemask and hand sanitation. • Daily Staff screening: All employees are screened for COVID-19 daily and wear a facemask at all times. • Health hygiene protocols: Hand washing before and after each patient interaction.


Losing a family pet is a sad experience. When that happens, we question why those pets cannot go on forever after all they are usually with us 5+ years. Well, it is with great sorrow that my family had to say goodbye to our Maltese, Cooper. He was with us for 13 years and has been in our newsletter and more recently in the Sullivan News Progress and area Fish Wrap. Even our cat, Ziggy,

Dick Kruckeberg

looks for him. Goodbye, dear companion!

Speaking of pets just so you know Brenda King’s granddaughter Kaleigh’s hedgehog, Mickey is still alive and well. She tells me he is fairly quiet during the day being a nocturnal critter and grumpy if you wake him before he is ready. Sounds like my kids. Aren’t we glad to be moving forward in the COVID 19 isolation? Our office weathered the storm and we are continuing to provide social distancing and appropriate anti-infective techniques. Our patients are now returning to get ahead of their pain so they return to normal activity. If you don’t then you may be “social distancing” for painful reasons. If you have questions or concerns call us but, otherwise still be wise and safe out there.

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