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Visit Our Free Workshop! Foot & Ankle Pain Workshop Lunch & Learn! Wednesday, April 15 11:30am-12:30pm Arthritis & Physical Therapy Regardless of the cause of arthritis, physical therapy plays a major role in the treatment of arthritis symptoms and should be tried first, before more aggressive procedures such as surgery.While maintaining a healthy weight, exercise and a good diet help, surgical intervention mayeventuallybe needed. However, physical therapyhas been shown to be an excellent way to prepare and recover after a total knee or hip replacement. It is very common for the muscles that support the knee, hip, and low back to become weakened from inactivity. Through targeted easy to do exercises, we help your muscles regain their strength, providing greater support to the joints, and reducing inflammation. Furthermore, by improving balance and coordination, especially to the knee and hip joints, the abnormal strain on the joints is relieved, and safety is improved to reduce risk of further injury.

If you or a loved one suffers from arthritis, you have options. The first step is to contact one of our therapists today, and ask about ongoing physical therapy treatment to restore mobility, comfort and quality of life. See how we can help your joints feel better and move better! Go online or call us to schedule an appointment today.

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Great food for thought for knee pain sufferers! Learn more about our knee pain diagnostic and treatment plan!

BRIDGING While lying on your back, raise your buttocks off the floor, keeping your core tightandkneesbent.Hold,thenreturntothestartingposition.Repeat10times.

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