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Why May Is the Best Month to Start Bird-watching is like a lifelong scavenger hunt that you can play anywhere on Earth. The activity provides a mixture of science, travel, and beauty, and it’s a chance to get outside for feathered adventures and quiet reflection. BIRD-WATCHING FOR BEGINNERS

Gear Up One of the best things about birding is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to do it. As long as you’ve got your field guide and comfortable walking shoes, the only other thing you’ll need is a pair of binoculars. And

The month of May is a great time of year to go birding because rising temperatures prompt spring migration. So if you’re eager to begin bird-watching, there’s no better time than now. Here are some tips to get started. Educate Yourself Thousands of species of birds span all corners of the globe. That’s why finding them is an exciting prospect — there’s no end to the hunt! Start by researching birds that are native to your location. Purchase a field guide with pictures of each bird and maps of their range and use it to figure out where different birds live. From there, it’s easy to pick your first spotting goal. You can even get yourself extra excited by watching a few bird documentaries.

they don’t have to be fancy. As long as they can zoom in on faraway trees and perches, they’ll work for now. You can always upgrade later. Go Exploring Your very first birding excursion is important because you don’t want to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed. So use your field guide to home in on a single bird and go find it. It may be local, or you can plan a trip to a specific bird’s natural habitat. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by other species. The thrill that comes with spotting your first bird will keep you coming back to find the rest.

Bird-watching is a wonderful hobby because it’s easy to get started and can last a lifetime. As long as you can walk, drive, or look out a window, you can be a birder. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find some birds!


Don’t Go Without a Lawyer

If you’re called to the police station, remember: You shouldn’t go alone.

Temporary detention is when police have “reasonable suspicion” that the person being questioned committed or was involved with a crime. Keep in mind that common behaviors could be considered grounds for “reasonable suspicion” because it depends on the context of the police’s perspective. Courts often favor the police’s perspective on these issues, but if your attorney can prove the police have nothing but a hunch, then the law can prevent citizens from being detained. With probable cause, police can make an arrest . This is beyond simple questioning. Even if you are completely innocent, if there’s evidence that can be linked to you, then you can be taken in. Getting an attorney is incredibly important in any of these scenarios because regular people aren’t used to speaking to the police with unerring precision. You might accidentally lie by misremembering a detail or admit to facts that can hurt you. An attorney is trained to protect you. Our expert team knows how to help you. Call our office at 817-900-6000 if you ever need our expertise.

Even for innocent suspects with a clean record, the police ask questions designed to lead a person to admit fault. People can unknowingly answer questions in a way that corroborates evidence the police already have. Go to the station with a lawyer. There’s no requirement for you to comply with the police’s request, and after you contact an attorney, they can contact the police officer or detective to find out more information about your charges. Often, lawyers can get a case dropped or prevent a client from ever being arrested. It’s important to know your rights when you’re interacting with the police. There are three types of police questioning, and each has different rules. A voluntary encounter is just that: A suspect is free to leave whenever they wish to do so. If you can’t leave, then it’s not a voluntary encounter.

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