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Packing Clothes for Vacation


A Guide to Packing Light and Looking Good

demanding way. For example, your feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands, so clean socks are essential for preventing smelly feet and shoes. Likewise, make sure you have enough undergarments for the whole trip unless you know you’ll have access to a washing machine. If you do have to wear an article of clothing a second time, use a freshening spray like Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser. The spray will eliminate odors and can give your clothes a flat-ironed look. Speaking of clothes, the best outfits are the ones you feel confident in. Consider getting your favorite items tailored and fitted before your trip, and plan multiple outfits that can be reorganized into unique combinations. From classic choices, like jeans, to more unique choices, like print shirts and layered jackets, there are lots of distinct items you can mix and match. Also remember to bring both formal and casual options, just in case you want to dress up for a night out. Lastly, accessories can breathe new life into an existing outfit. Scarves, belts, jewelry, bags, and hats can add a pop of color or elegance while taking up less space than another full outfit. Try to bring a few that’ll work well with your other items!

Ask any seasoned traveler and they’ll tell you the same thing: Having some spare room in your suitcase never hurts. People tend to shop for new clothes or souvenirs while traveling, and these purchases can take up space fast. However, with longer vacations, it can be difficult to limit how many clothes you’re bringing. How do you keep a smaller wardrobe fresh and comfortable while also looking your best? Try using some of these travel wardrobe tips.

Packing light isn’t necessarily about packing less; it’s about addressing your needs in the healthiest, least physically

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